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Submitted on
November 14, 2012
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You had noticed it lately. You didn't know why, but the boy who lived a few houses down

from you..just never walked with you. His name was Arthur Kirkland, and lived only two

houses after yours. You two always left school at the same time, but for some reason never

decided to walk together. You never bothered to wait, and he never bothered to catch up. It

somtimes got annoying. No way. It was REALLY annoyoing. You decided to confront him about it.

As you turned to face your house, you waited for Arthur to walk by, before pulling him

over to the side.

"Arthur!" he cried, with lots of emotion built up inside.

He looked a little worried.

"What?!" he cried in a somewhat angry yet scared tone.

"Why do you never walk with me?"

A blush formed the british mans face, as she shrugged his shoulders and crossed his arms.

"I don't know."

"Comon! We used to walk together ALL the time! Since last never talk to me

or walk with me anymore! How come?!"

Arthur blushed again.

"Why, Arthur?"


You grinned evily. It was working.

"Tell me!"

"Because I like to stare at your ass while you walk okay!!"

Now it was your turn to blush. So THAT was why he walked behind you. That explains why if

HE was in front of you first, he would always pretened to tie his shoes, or fix his coat,

just so you'd walk by him. He was..looking at your..

Now it all made sence. Then your eyes widened.


But he was already running into his house.
Just the one naughty word D: I'm so bad :iconimbadplz:

I just thought it up...had to do it! sorry it sucks! XD
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