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November 4, 2012
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" can do this (your name)." you whispered to yourself, trying to avoid the large dark building in front of you. That 'building' of course, was none other then the famous Hotel Transylvania. Of course you knew humans would never find the place, you had heard of it from a friend that nobody dared to go up there. Not ever into the forest that surrounded it. To you, it was a great opportunity to show everyone you and your friends were NOT crazy, and you weren't a baby. Sighing for the third time, you finally had the guts to walk in.
  As you entered, a large woman on a broom raced by, causing you to nearly stumble over. Trying to regain balance, you accidentally landed on something fuzzy, and turned to see what humans would refer to it as a 'werewolf'. Screaming, you tried to race out of the building, but somehow got pulled back and you were suddenly in a dark room.
  "I'm sorry. I'm sorry!" you tried to shout, but your mouth became muffled by a cold hand. You winced as a bright light was turned on to reveal a young man-handsome at that-with gleaming red eyes and a pointed tooth sticking out of his mouth. Vampire, was the first things that came to your head.
"How did you find this place!?" the man completely ignored your pleading and came face to face with you, eyes blazing. You were trying not to cry, all you wanted was to take a picture.
"Uh..I friend told me.." was all you could mumble. The man began to rub his temples, and looked around.
"Hmm..follow me."
You grabbed your arm and lead you quickly to another small room. He carefully applied makeup on your face, and did your hair. He was very gentle, and didn't pull or hurt your hair when he brushed it.
"You'll pass for a vampire." he replied before pushing you out of the chair. You looked into the mirror and smiled. You DID look like a vampire. Your hair was nice and combed out and straight. But that wasn't all.
"Come here then." he replied pulling you back into his arms. He sat you down and quickly-with his vampire powers-began to apply even more makeup. He then sprayed something in your hair, and shoved fake fangs into your mouth. Nearly last, he put eye contacts in your eyes. It took a few moments, but they finally adjusted.
"Can I look now?"
This was all going way to fast. He didn't even know you yet he was trying to help you.
The second you looked into his eyes and instantly became attached to him. You didn't even know what happened. Did you hit your head on the way in?
"Yes." he replied, taking off the small hat he was wearing.
You glanced in the mirror to see something that didn't look like you. Your straighened hair was now black. Your eyes were red, and the little fangs in your mouth stuck out-plus the makeup made you look pale.
"Your perfect." the man replied before taking your hands. "After you change. I'll show you around. Then you must leave."
All you could do was nod.


        "Who is this?!" a loud voice boomed from the front doors as two large figures entered the hotel.
"This is (your name)." Dimitri replied giving you a pat on the back.
After getting names and your outfit established, you were ready to look around the hotel. However after seeing you like that, Dimitri began to feel funny. He didn't know what it was or why, but he felt as if you should stay, even though you were a human.
"But, we must go now, bye then!"
He rushed you through the halls, and around the hotel. Finally, you two made it to the roof. That was were interesting things began to happen.
"Your lucky (your name)." he replied sighing to himself. "You get to see the sunrise and sunset. I never do."
You seated yourself next to him and hugged him.
"You should. Look."
The sun was just beginning to rise. You had an idea.
"This way." You said, pulling him behind a window was stuck up on top of the hotel. It was just able to shade Dimitri and you. That was when he saw it. The sun and all it's glory beginning to start the day.
"You know what (your name)." He said, giving you a serious look.
Without hesitation, he reached over and pulled you into a kiss. It was surprizing, but there was no need for the hassle. You leaned in and kissed back, smiling.
After a few moments, you both looked to see the sun getting brighter, and raced back into the hotel before Dimitri would get burned.


    "I want you to stay (your name)." Dimirti came full out. "You should stay here with me. And meet my friends!"
You gave him a bright smile and pulled him into a hug.
"I will. But..."
He shushed you and kissed your forehead.
"You know why it happened to fast.."
"We zinged."
Your eyes and face gave him a confused look.
"We zinged?"
He nodded.
"It means the second we saw eachother..we were meant to be together. It only happens once."
You took his hands.
"But..I'm a human."you said sadly,yet it didn't matter to him. Dimirti only chuckled and rested his forehead against yours.
"We can work on that."
This is for :icongracee314: for being my 50th watcher! Thank you lots :dummy:

It's mostly based on Hotel transylvania! Sorry if the plot is to fast..:iconohgodwhyplz:

Romania belongs to his owner!
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