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Mrs. Goodie examined the little cut on (S/n) knee before giving it a quick kiss and placed a bandage over top. Within moments (S/n) quit his sulking, and went back to playing around the street. He was told to only stay within house range, and the boy happily obeyed. Mrs. Goodie couldn't believe how much the boy had matured since his last visit, and even brining another little one with him was quite a shock to her. She was constantly making sure (D/n) was safe, even though she didn't know her parents. Every time a little cry came from the upstairs room, she raced their immediantly to tend to the little one. She was never able to have children of her own, so this to her, was the greatest oppertunity. She didn't have to watch them, but she did. Unfortunetly that all game and went quickly, with the sad sound of banging on the door.
"Be patient!" Mrs. Goodie snapped, cradeling (d/n) in her arms before opening her wooden door. She was quite surprised to see two guards enter the house and began to tear everything apart. They threw books all around, ripped through papers, and flipped over tables and chairs. Mrs. Goodie was all the shocked to intervine.
"What-what are you doing?!" you cried with tears stinging her eyes.
They didn't answer, and continued to trash the entire house.
"He's not here."
"I thought you saw him enter THIS house?"
They finally gave a glance at the tired and angered Mrs Goodie. She hoped the baby wouldn't make to much noise. That was the last thing she wanted.
"White haired boy." one of the guards explained.
One of them raised his arm to a specific level.
"This high. Red eyes."
Mrs. Goodie nearly fainted. They were looking for that boy?!
She began to bite her nails, hoping the boy wouldn't enter the house at any moment.
After a few minutes of silence, one of the guards spoke up.
"Is that YOUR child ma'am?"
Mrs Goodie sighed before frowning.
"No. I found her on the street." she said, wishing she was lying.
They looked at eachother with un-assuring glances.
Sadly for Mrs. Goodie, young (S/n) had to enter the house. The bandaid on his knee was gone, and more blood sprang from the boys wound, that had been recently patched up.
"Mrs. Goodie, it seems my knee is hurt again." he said, before nodding to the guards, acting casual. If only it worked, the boy was swooped up in seconds. He began to scream and kick, thrashing widly trying to get away.
One of the guards reached for the baby, but Mrs Goodie stepped back.
"No!" she shouted, before racing upstairs. Footsteps and shouts came from outside the room as she slammed her bedroom door shut and locked it.
"We have to get out of here young one.." she began to cry. The banging on the door increased.
She tried to step out on the raining to get around the house, but it was to late. She was knocked to the ground uncontious, while the guards carried crying (d/n) away.


               (S/n) couldn't bear it anymore. He didn't want to be sitting there bored, in a dark gloomy castle. He wanted to be back on the street, with his friends, and see his little sister. He hadn't the slightest idea why he was in there anyway, and began to sob and sob until he got some regonission.
"What do you want now?"
"I want to leave."
A sigh came from Officer Edelstein, as he opened the gates for the young child.
"No big deal." he said. "The king wants to see you anyhow."

      It didn't take long before (S/n) darted out of the cell, and into the halls of the castle-touching and narly tipping over everything in sight. That wasn't until another officer came and dragged him into the court room. There for the first time since they entered the city, he saw his mom.


             (Your name) was overjoyed to see her son, she nearly toppled over the guards to finally hug him. After whispereing so many happy things into her son's ear she leaned back a little to get a better view of him. To her, it already seemed like her grew-and they had only been apart for a few days.
After Gilbert was told in the streets that a woman was found badly injured, and told that two children-one with white hair and red eyes, and a baby with (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes-had been taken. Realizing that (S/n) took (d/n) and snuk themselves back to the city, they knew their had to be a way they could get inside the caslte. And what easier way then to bring (Your name) to the caslte, where the overjoyed king Ludwig would be so happy to see her. Gilbert was worried-he had no idea what Ludwig had in store for her-but knew he'd have to come soon. Their ship back to home in England was leaving in two days, and the heist to Ludwig's castle would take a day of planning and preperation. He had to be careful. His world was at stake.
Sorry it took so long! :iconsulkplz:

I know some are dying to know how Ludwig got your children...

Part NINETEEN: [link] :D
KawaiiJunk Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nooo Mrs. Goodie! (best character ever) :'(
stupidbread Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
But where's Reader-tan's daughter!? :ohnoes:
1meh8 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
She's there too. Not with her brother though.
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