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~~~~~~~~~~Age 7~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Hey get over here pigtails!" you heard a voice shout angrily before you jolted to the side by a strong force. You let out a small scream since whoever was pulling you, was going it  your cute little pigtails. Well, they were cute to your mom at least. However what she didn't know was 'cute little pigtails' were actually 'stupid ugly hairdo's' at your school. And you were paying for it harshly. Everyone laughed, tugged on your hair, called you 'pigtails'. Sometimes just pig.
"Ow please it hurts!" you squeaked, as the white haired boy let go of your hair and smirked.
"Did you do my math questions?"
You gulped. Unfortunetly, you didn't want to tell your parents you were treated poorly, nor any of the teachers. You were also known as a 'slave', and did things for the other kids in the class. As a reward, you got a snack from their lunch, however most of the time it was usually something crappy, like a half a bear claw or a few scooby-doo gummies. Sometimes you cried in the stals at lunch because you didn't want to be bossed around. You were brought back to the real world when your pigtails were tugged again.
"Did you do my math questions huh?" the white haired boy asked.
You didn't want to say anything, and tried to get away, but a strong force pulled you back again.
"DID YOU!?" he shouted into your ears, making a few tears swell.
"N-no..I'm sorry!"
The white haired boy-who was known as Gilbert-made a pouting face.
"Now the teacher is going to mark me up in her bad book!"
He took his hand and grabbed your tiny wirst, making your worried. You both were standing behind the school, so no teachers saw you. Then he pushed you to the ground and stuck his tounge out at you.

    Tears spilled from your eyes the moment you ran into the bathroom. Sitting in a stall at the end, you began to cry.
'They're always so mean.' you thought. 'I'm to weak. And a pig. And can't do-'
You suddenly sniffed, and looked up to see a taller, blond haired boy staring at you. He looked a little...scary. His dark blue eyes stared at you. It was then you were in the BOYS bathroom.
"I'm sorry wromg bathroom!" you sniffed again, wiping tears off your face, passing the tall boy. Before you left, he took your hand and pulled you back into the stall you were crying in and shut it behind him.
"Why are you crying?" he asked, sounding as blunt as ever. It reminded you of another boy in your class, one that never bullied you. His name was Lukas, and was often seen with this strange boy you didn't quite know.
"You know L-Lukas?" you squeaked, hoping to say the right thing and avoid contact with him.
"Lukas doesn't make girls cry.." the boy spoke, until you shook your head.
"Not him. I mean do you know him?"
The blond haired boy nodded.
"But who made you cry?"
The tears began to come again, from thinking about Gilbert and the others, like Francis and Ivan, and Alfred. You and Arthur were the main targets in your class, and everyone made fun of you.
"Hmm." the boy grunted, and without a word left the bathroom.

        "Alright everyone take your seats." the teacher exclaimed, patting all the children's heads as they came in to eat. The first part of lunch was outside time, however nobody really noticed you weren't out there. Lukas was biting is sandwich when you walked in, and offered you to sit with him. While eating, you saw Gilbert walk in. He looked pale, and as if he'd been crying. It was then his parents entere the room, and began to lead him away. However Gilbert looked back at you, revealing a black eye and a bleeding nose, and gave you a death glare.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Age 15~~~~~~~~~~~

     Ever since Gilbert was expelled from school, everything was perfect. You made friends with Lukas and Arthur, and even the boy you meat in the bathroom that one day. He turned out to be Berwald, and the one that hit Gilbert for you. He ended up telling teachers and his parents what he'd been doing to you and others, so Gilbert was expelled. You had never been so happy in your life, and now in highschool, everyone moved on and made new friends, leaving you out of their lives for good. However you were still very shy, and still had trouble in class, when some teens would remind you of 'pigtails' and throw papers with funny drawing on them.
However everything began to change after turning fifteen. You began to devlop things all girls had to, and that encluded feelings. You started looked at guys different. You saw how handsome some were, and how Arthur's eyebrows were really huge. But most of all, you began to feel strange feelings towards Berwald, the one you met all those years ago. Trying to ignore it, you somewhat ignored him in the process. However, that all began to change when a new student was told to be coming to school.

        After shoving everything in your locker, you threw your History binder in your backpack and got ready to go, however was stopped by a surprize, and a slight shove into the lockers. It was none other than Gilbert.
"I'm back pigtails! Took a while to find you I must say.."
He began to rub circles in your hand and used the other hand to pin you in place.
'Dammit, why did I have to talk to the teacher after class?' you thought, realizing nobody was in the school anymore. He pulled you down the hall and into the closest bathroom-that turned out to be the boys bathroom.
He shoved you into the wall before beginning to nip on your neck, and pull your shirt up.
"Stop it!" you cried, but he didn't listen.
He pinched your ear, making you flinch.
"Ow please it hurts!"
"Where have I heard that before?" Gilbert chuckled, before kissing up your neck. Suddenly a quick motion, and Gilbert was pulled to the floor, and there was Berwald standing in front of you.
"Nice to see you again Gilbert." he said bluntly, watching the white haired teen rise from the floor.
"Likewise." Gilbert frowned. "I remember you.." he then growled. He tried to lunge forward, but was stopped by Lukas, you grabbed his arm and shoved him into the wall.
"You got other to come Berwald? How touching?"
"Actually.." Berwald began, looking straight at you. "We were just happening to pass by."
Gilbert spit on the floor, and left the bathroom.
"What an idiot." was all Lukas said, before you started to laugh.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Age 17~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      "You cant'!"
"I have to (your name)."
Tears began to form your eyes, seeing Berwald just look down with no emotion at all. Did he even care?
"I don't want you to leave, what about Gilbert?"
"He won't bug you anymore, I know he won't." Berwald looked deeply into the girl he loved eye's and finally let out a smile. A true uncommon smile he did.
He kissed you forehead, making you eyes widen.
"I'll miss you (your name)." he replied, before turning and walking in the other direction.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Age 20~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       Sitting there quietly, you sipped your coffee, while typing up an answer to a comment on facebook. It was Lukas asking when Berwald would be coming back. You just answered: I don't know. Will he ever come back?
Berwald was asked to watch over people in Finland, and be an ally to them for a while, but that while seemed to have been longer than usual. He kissed your forhead before he left. Did that mean he liked you? You were to shy to ask, and just let him walk away. Now you wish you hadn't. Lukas replied back to your comment saying: He will I promise. It was like he knew. Did Lukas know about Berwald's wereabouts? It was sad Berwald didn't even have facebook.
You heard a slight clicking sound, and thought it was just nothing.
A cool breeze blew by, and you got up to find the door had been unlocked.
"Huuh.?" you questioned.
"(Your name)."
You instantly turned to see Berwald standing there, taller and even more handsome than ever. He held his arms open for you.
"I came back."
Not even bothering to ask any questions, you just jumped into his arms and he gladly picked you up and sat on the couch with you in his lap. You nuzzled your nose into his neck and felt his heart beat.
"I missed you!" You replied, looking up at your long-lost crush.
"I missed you too." his deep voice made it sound like he didn't care, but in his heart, he really did.
He pulled you closer to him, as if he feared you'd run away.
"Did Gilbert ever swing by?"
"Yeah." your laughed, remembering the though. The swedish man growled a little.
"I'll kill him.."
"Don't bother. He said he was sorry for all the things he did to me in the past." you laughed. "He was rather sweet."
Berwald just hummphed, and continued to hold you close, feeling your soft skin against his. He loved the way your (e/c) brightened when you saw him. You really did care.
"(your name)?" he asked, carefully setting you beside him, and moving on the ground.
"Berwald what is it?"
He took a deep breath, and proped up one knee. Realizing what he was doing, you tried to hold in your excitement.
"Will you uh, marry me?" he asked, a light blush creeping to his face. "I know it's fast but I really care for you. If were married I can be with you always, and nobody else can have you and-"
You didn't need excuses. You just jumped on him and told him yes over and over. He slipped the cute little ring on your finger and kissed your lips. He looked at you before giving another smile.
"I'm sure I'll smile more often (your name)." he replied, still slightly bluntly, but sweetly, holding you in his arms like a baby. "Now that I'm with you."
Here you go :iconevilm00n:

There are gaps in between ages, I ain't going to full detail with thoes, so don't bother asking :P
All in all, I hope it made sence.
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tokyomewmewfan137 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016  Student Artist
Oh the irony. During the part where ber leaves the song see you again came on. Brilliant story I loved it~
Dear-Ameltha Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016
"You saw how handsome some were, and how Arthur's eyebrows were really huge." That part killed me XDDD I laughed 10 minutes before I could read again!
I love your stories, it's always a pleasure to read them!
The-Dragon-Crafter Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Student General Artist
Haha i actually always where pigtails! I am also pretty shy and my friends usually call me pigtails!  Im in middleschool but I wear them everyday!
Nada10100 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awe i wish someone did that to my bullies, no one did they said i was an annoying shy whore. ;m; But this story made me cry.
PrussiasKitten Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
D'awwwwww that was so cute, and for a second there i was really sad then it turned magical and fluffy. Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Well speak of the Berwald and he shall appear! that was great!!!
BeigeCascade Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful beautiful <3
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MiraChan145 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
Awwww that was cute!!
pentagon5555 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
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so CUTE :D
hetastickers Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013
hah "Did Gilbert ever swing by?"
"Yeah." your laughed, remembering the though. The swedish man growled a little.
"I'll kill him.." lol this made me pee alittle
1meh8 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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