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March 30, 2013
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To say your friend Lovino can get easily angered was an understatement. He'd never admit he was wrong, even if the whole party knew it was his fault.

At least he was nice towards you-and usually just women in general. However as you flipped open your notepad-to reveal your list of 'questions' you were going to ask him-you couldn't help but feel that it was going to end badly.

It was tough to find the few questions you had, but it was definetly worth it. Knocking on Lovino's door, he opened it with a wide mouth like he was expecting someone he didn't like.

" is you (Name)." he mumbled, crossing his arms. "You may come in."

"Thanks." you smiled and poked his nose, not watching him blush and rub it as you walked in.

"S-so..why are you here anyway?" he asked, his arms still crossed and his foot tapping like he hadn't much time and needed to be somewhere.

"I have some things I'd like to ask you."

"Pfft. Why?" he asked, not even giving you a chance to state what 'kind' of questions.

Deciding not to bother getting into a whole different conversation, you just opened your note pad to the first question and went right to the point.

"Is it true South Italian people are lazy?"

Lovino looked a little confused, but still answered.

"Of-a course not!"

You smirked a little, and went to the next part of your question.

"Well...are they too-noisy?"

"Of-a course not!" he said again, a little more brute than before.

"Are they.." you paused to see his reaction. "Ignorant?"

Lovino looked like he was about to blow a gasket...already.

"That is very rude to say! Why did you even come here anyway?!"

You snickered, and looked right into his gleaming eyes.

"Do South Italian people complain to much?"

His face began to turn red, as he covered his face.

"No no no!"

You bit your lip, watching him have a little temper tantrum, flailing his arms like an inflatable tube man, and shaking his head.

"Awww." You cooed, wrapping your arms around him in a hug. "I'm sorry Lovi-"

"Dont-a call me that!" he shouted, pushing you away from him in emberassment.

In the fell on the couch in a fit of laughter, seeing his red face and angered expression.

"What is so funny!?" he turned his back towards you once again crossing his arms. It was like a signature pose for him!

"Your too cute Lovi~"

"Dont c-I am?" his voice completely changed, and he turned around to face you, his face just a light pink now.

"Of course! Your the cutest guy I know!" you were still laughing before your eyes widened. Realizing you had given away your secret, you covered your mouth and shut your eyes.


You felt two warm hands prying your fingers away from your mouth, and a soft pair of lips replaced them. It didn't take a second to know that he was kissing you.

Wait.....Lovino?..Kissing..?! YOU?!

Instantly pulling away, your face turned red, noticing he was actually on top of you too.


He pressed his finger to your lips and finally cracked a smile.

"Well you said I was cute!"

You giggled and wrapped your arms around his neck.

"Of course you are~"

But of course the sweet moment didn't last long, after he stood up and went back to his tsunder self again.

"But you dont-a tell that tomato bastard Antonio okay! Or that potato bastard! Or my brother! NOBODY CAN KNOW!"

You rolled your eyes and sat up, just savouring the sweet moment you had, while Lovino was still rambling on about the people that must never find out he'd gone soft for the girl.

Finally, you had enough of hearing his motor-mouth and reached for his tie, pulling his face close to yours.

"Yeah yeah I won't tell, just kiss me again."

With that, you pulled the tie down ever farther, and his lips came falling on yours in another quick kiss.

Even though you knew the moment wouldn't last long, it made it more exciting to experience..and made it something you would look forward to.
holy roman empire it's horrible :iconheaddeskplz: where'd my sence of writing go...?!

Actually I might re-do this one...'^^ so send me a note if you want it changed

but for now, picture isn't mine, nor is Lovi!~
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