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It wasn't just about getting revenge. It was about showing them who's boss. Since you were finally mature enough to do things on your own, it was high time you showed those low-life penny pinchers a lesson.

But it was also about a boy...

A boy you really cared about.

They took him from you. They stole him, and you never saw him again. By the time you found him, he was married to someone else. The same person who stole your life...
She stole you. Now it was time you payed her a visit.

It all happened when you were young~

   "(Name), I made this for you!" your young blond haired British friend replied, showing you the lovely daisy chain he'd just made for you.
Your face lit up like a bright lantern, as he placed the flower chain on top of your head, feeling like a princess being crowned by the king.
"Arthur, it's lovely!"
Although he was rather shy, and quite stubborn at times, he managed to smile back.
"Just like you are~"
Sighing with joy, and smelling the sweet sent of flowers, you couldn't imagine not spending a day without Arthur. You'd known him since you were little.
He was the one person you trusted: with your life. You cared for him just as much as he cared for you.
"Arthur, I think it's getting dark." you say, lifting your head to feel a wet sensation touch your nose. A raindrop.
"Alright let's go!"
Arthur carefully grabbed your hand and helped you off the dry gress, before the rain began to soak through your clothes.
You and Arthur were only ten. Young and foolish and some would say. The times when you could get away with nearly everything, and forget it all by next year.
But Arthur was always a kind gentlemen. You knew that because he always told you so.
Not that you minded much, you could listen to him British accent all day.
"Arthur..d-do you see that?!"
In the distance there was some kind of gray smoke flooding the air like those you'd seen come out of the pipes in the factories.
"That's near our homes!" Arthur cried, grabbing his blond hair in worry, before rushing straight down the hill, getting closer and closer to the awful polluting smoke.
By the time you reached your destination, it was nearly over. A large fire had swept across the road, burning down over four houses, including Arthur AND yours.
"Mommy!" you shouted, only to be unheard by all the crying and scared people.
But there was no answer.
With a heavy sigh, you looked for Arthur, but he was out of sight now.
"Arthur!" you called, only to be once again unheard of.
Stomping your foot on the ground, until an angry pedestrian came walking by-shoving past everyone-and you were sent to the ground.
It was then you began to cry.
"(Name) help!!"
You knew that exact was Arthur!
"Arthur I'm coming!"
You splashed your feet in the now squishy and muddy grass, as you ran towards Arthur's voice. Finally you spotted him a few feet away..being dragged by some strange man.
"Let him go!"
As you neared him, you were grabbed by another large man, and a woman wearing thin high heels and ruby red lipstick lowered herself to your height.
"Dear dear (Name)..what am I to do with you?" she said in a low pathetic voice, while lightly tapping your cheek.
"Arthur!" you continued to shout, before your mouth was covered.
The women just grinned and tapped the top of your head.
"Foolish little girl. Just like her parents."
You struggled and tossed in his arms, but he was just too strong.
"(Name)!" Arthur screamed once more, before finally being shoved in the back of an old white van, along with the woman getting in the passenger's seat.
"Wait!!" you shouted, but it was no use. The van was taking off, and you were still stuck.
"Stupid girl." was the last thing you heard, before being thrown to the ground and instantly going unconscious.

          You remembered the same day, when you woke up, an older women claiming to be your aunt, taking you in and bathing you. Mud was stuck in your hair and under your nails. You chipped a tooth when hitting the ground, but you were lucky that tooth was just a baby one.
"What awful people they are. Always doing something wrong.." you remember your auntie mumble while scrubbing the dirt off your back. You wanted to know more about those people. Especially the women with a red lipstick and light silvery hair.
Why did they take Arthur?
However after that, you never saw him again.
Until...many years after.

          It was now the year 2013. And close to your birthday.
Your auntie had made a small cake in celebration, since you were leaving to England in a few days with celebrate. Alone, or course. You would have been going with Arthur but...need anyone say more?
"I love you dear (Name)." your Auntie smiled, holding your face in her aging hands.
With that, she kissed the top of your forehead.
"Promise me you'll be safe?"
"I promise." you giggled, loving how concerned she was, even though you'd be staying for only a few weeks.  
"And no boys!"
You gave her a smirk before wrapping your arms around her smaller body and hugging her.
"No boys Auntie."
She took a few steps back to took at you, before sighing.
"You've grown so much. So lovely~"
Little did any of you know, there would be more than just a trip to England. Much, much more.
"I love you Auntie." were your final words to her, before you hopped into your taxi for the nearest airport.


          England. Usually wet and rainy due to being so close to the ocean, however it was quite nice. Sunnier than usual. Perfect for your arrival.
" the (Name of hotel) please!" you told the taxi driver with a nod, while he tipped his hat and started the car. Pulling out your camera, you took a few blurry pictures, but it was a start. Start of a new adventure.
"Would this be your stop miss?"
His voice reminded you of Arthur's. That, and you realized the trip to your hotel wasn't very far.
"Of course thank you!"
After you paid him, he left again with a tip of his hat.
You grabbed the bags you had and entered the building, being greeted by a kind and slightly handsome boy who offered to carry your bags.
You were surprised at how well he managed to mantain balance while stopping at the front desk to look for your room.
Until a loud voice suddenly startled him and with that, your bags fell to the floor. One of them bursting open and articles of clothing disperced. Even your daisy chain! The same one Arthur had given you. You kept it in perfect condition after all those years. You felt foolish seeing it scatter across the floor just like the rest of your clothes. Good thing you panties and bras were in your other bag.
"I'm awfully sorry!" the boy exclaimed, while the first voice that startled him was even louder than before.
Wincing a little, you turned to see a pretty woman with long blond hair and sparking blue eyes calling for some service. They didn't seem all that excited about it, you could tell by the look on their face when they came up to the desk.
"WELL!?" she shouted, throwing her arms in the air like a man woman.
"We're terribly sorry! We'll put a whole bag in right away, and extra!"
Not even knowing the woman for ten seconds..and you didn't like her.
"What are YOU looking at hmm?" she took a glance at you, before another voice chimed in.
"Love, don't be so stressed!"
At that moment, your heart fluttered. It was as'd heard it before.
Another body entered the room, a tall slender man with shaggy blond hair, and emerald green eyes. It was...him!
Definetly the boy you knew as a child!
You felt like crawling on your knees and crying in his arms you were so happy. However, you were forced to keep calm, still seeing the boy picking up your scattered clothing.
You watched Arthur go up behind the woman and gently massage her shoulders. It didn't seem like him at all...
"Your tense love."
"Your right dear..maybe I should rest.."
Arthur grinned and placed a kiss on her cheek.
ARTHUR AND HER?!?! you mind was raging like an angry bull, watching him kiss her cheek, and watching her giggle like a stupid high school girl.
"You can still hurry with those mints though!" she called, taking hold of Arthur's hand. "And don't slack on the extra bag!"
You felt like crying now. But not in joy. He did't even look your way..
You watched his lovely 'lady' step right on your pretty daisy chain necklace, and give a light scream.
"What the devil is this?!" she 'eeped', while Arthur took the chain in his hands and examined it. Some of the petals fell off it.
"Oh dear.."
His head looked up, straight at yours. You felt like turning away, but..he was so..handsome. His eyes twinkled, as he made his way over to you, still holding the daisy chain in his hands.
"Is this yours love?"
Blinking to mantain focus, you gradually took the chain from him and smiled-hoping he'd finally see it was YOU.
"Yes..thank you-"
You were about to say his name..but that would have ruined the whole chance. You wanted to see him remember you first.
Only..he just smiled.
"I'm sorry about that!" he said. "I hope it doesn't wilt any time soon! It's rather lovely."
After he turned and headed right back to his lady, wrapping an arm around her and walking back to their room, leaving you with..his daisy chain. The one he made you. The one he forgot. He forgot you.

             Going straight to your room, you waited until the boy set your bags on the bed and left, before going into a fit. You screamed into your pillows and threw them across the room. You sodded into the sheets before ripping them off the bed. You threw your luggage across the room and was about to rip the daisy chain apart remembered him. Arthur of course. His smiling face and green eyes. The day he made it for you...the day someone took him away.
It was mind shifted. Not in grief anger.
THEY took him from you.
THEY caused him to forget you.
THEY caused him to fall in love with someone else.
You hadn't a clue who they were yet but you would find out.
You began to plot.
Someone..somewhere had ruined you life. Someone had destroyed your home and took your family away. Someone took Arthur..away from you. And now it was time..

You got your revenge.

Do I write to much about England? Perhaps...

Enjoy :wave: indulge in your Iggy! For he ain't mine!

To answer all the questions YES It'll be continued!!! :D

I'm working on my Pirate!England Story don't worry! This won't distract me!~
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:D so good it kept my heart racing and i was biting my nails from nervousness and anticipation!!! But England didn't remember T-T so sad!!!
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