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The halls were quiet. No sounds of squeaking shoes, shouts from the football team, talking and mumbles of the students, slamming lockers or the annoying giggling coming from the 'popular' girls. It was the only time of the day you really liked, and pretty much the only time you could actually focus of your work.
Scribbling down your finished sketch, taking a moment to admire your work, it wasn't long before some random girl snatched it and took a nice glance at it.
"Whose this supposed to be?" she laughed sarcastically, however you knew to all well she couldn't do any better.
"It's a drawing.." you replied, wishing you had the ability to just reach up and grab it back. "May I please have it back?"
She darted her eyes between you and the paper, before laughing out loud again.
"Why would I do that?" she flipped the sketch back and forth in her hands, lucky for you she still had no idea who the sketch was actually of.
"Because I..need it.." you mumbled, however it didn't convince her.
"Well it's pretty good.." she began, before smriking and literally crumpling it right before you eyes. "NOT! Do you think for one moment I wouldn't know who this sketch was of? You need a brain then!"
She tossed it behind her, with your watering eyes watching it fall to the ground. Of course she knew, and so did you. It was of the most popular guy in the school, known as Gilbert Beilschmidt, who nearly every girl liked. You were never tourmented like this often, however if you drew anything to do with Gilbert, you would be torn apart like the thin paper you were. There was nothing you could do, it was all due to your shyness. It wasn't really your fault, maybe it was your older sibiling(s) being to hard on you, or the kids at school that were jealous of your art. You heard a few of them talking about it, and ever since you realized why they really didn't like you. They were just jealous.
From that moment on, there was no more drawing of Gilbert. No sketches, paintings, poems, not even a stick figure! You were through with being tourmented over just a silly boy. But there was just something about him..
"(Y/n)?" a calm yet serious voice asked.
You looked from your seat to see none other than Gilbert unfolding the crumpled peice of paper thrown away on the floor.
That was just it.
He was perfect to you. Nice-at least to you anyway-. Handsome. Funny. Sometimes annoying, but it was cute. And he always made you smile, even when you were feeling shy and alone.
The big drift here? You were friends..not 'He-uses-me-to-do-his-homework' kinda friends. No, it was real friendship, like the friends since the sandbox and diapers kinda thing. You met him once on a field trip to the zoo, you had brough your art book and a few pencils. You accidentally got lost chasing a rolling pencial after a gust of wind took it from you. It wasn't until you met him..he was so nice. You two walked around the zoo until you found your school group. It wasn't until the next school year he transfered to your school. You had been friends ever since.
But it slowly began to change..he became gorgeous and popular, while you were just shy and quiet, didn't speak to anyone. Always alone at lunch, drawing or working on some kind of art. You were to shy to talk to new people, and when Gilbert tried to introduce you to his friends, you just couldn't help but get all red and run into the bathroom. Almost all of them laughed, even Gilbert chuckled. But that was because he found it so cute of you, however you never knew his side. You only believed he was laughing like everyone else, and began to avoid him.
That was when the drawing began.
You started with a simple sketch, then more detail..then even a painting. You just loved him so was almost getting to you. Now, back as he was looking at the sketch of him you drew, it had been the fist time you'd spoken in nearly half the school year.
"Is" he asked, poinging the  near replica of him on the paper, however only in black and white.
You only nodded your head a little, hoping no little tears would spring from your (e/c) orbs. There was a moment of slience, before you felt a warm hand graze yours. Looking up, Gilbert was smiling.
"It looks great (y/n)." he said calming, tapping his hand over yours a few times, before folding it properly, and placing it in his pocket.
"I'm going to be keeping zis!" he said, opening the push door, and leaving you alone in the room once again.
At first, there was bit of hope you had.
Until the next week came.


  The only thing you could do was sit at home and cry yourself into a short nap, which then just lead to waking up and more crying. It was yesterday at lunch you heard Gilbert was going out with Elizabeta, and a bunch of girls were apparently 'jealous'.
Tears filled your eyes as you went to the bathroom. Sitting there for nearly all of lunch, you began to regain your hope.
'Maybe they though they saw him with her.' you began to only hope.
'Maybe they're just lying.'
But unfortunately..the moment you walked out of the bathroom, your heart nearly stopped. There he was walking down the hall, holding Elizabeta's hand, with a big grin on his face.
"Hey (Y/n)!" he smiled, waving over to you, however you couldn't even reply. Once again on the verge of tears, as your heart began to beat faster with sadness. turned out your hope was lost once again.


 "Hey Gil!"
Gilbert turned to see his friend Alfred calling for him.
"Uggh. How long do I need to put up with this." Elizabeta sighed, letting of the Prussian's hand and shaking it. "You really hurt my hand walking by her.."
"Sorry.." Gilbert rolled his eyes, before smiling at the two of his friend.
"Well?!" he asked.
Alfred began to rub the back of his neck, causing the smile to wipe of Gilbert's face.
"She left school..and yeah.." Alfred replied. "She didn't look very well.."
Gilbert raised an eyebrow.
"It should have worked..I was supposed to make her jealous not sick.."
"Maybe it's because she's into you." a few voices laughed.
Gilbert watched a few girls walk by, giving him smirks and winks.
"V'at do you mean?" the Prussian aksed, raising an eyebrow in confusion.
Alfred began to groan.
"We shouldn't have done this.."
"DONE V'at?!"
"LIED." Alfred shoulder back, his nervousness finally got the best of him.
Gilbert took a moment of go over the single word he said.
Alfred began to fiddle with his thumbs and let out a deep breath.
"She's just..not popular ya'know? We didn't want you with her.."
The rest of the his speech was blocked, as Gilbert pinned him against the wall, holding him up by his shirt.
"V'at is the meaning of zis?!"
"We said..she was d-dating someone else to make you-so you would pertend to date Liz.." Alfred breathed, still a little hurt from the froce put on him.
"Then when she saw you she got upset." one of the girls laughed. "She's so gullable. She couldn't get a boyfriend."
Gilbert rubbed his temples before racing out of the school, straight to (y/n)'s house.


       "T-there." you sniffed, finally taking a glance at your pretty painting of (portait scene). Sighing, you placed your paint brush down before letting a few tears fall from your face. You began to imagine Gilbet and Liz again, causing you to burst into tears instead. You looked around your room to see all your drawings, and all your portraits done at school.
"I'd rather be popular than be good at art.." you sighed, wiping a tear away.
It wasn't until you felt it again...a warm hand touch your shoulder.
Turning instantly to see Gilbert, you stood up continously wiping away the tears, until you backed into your newly painted portrait and fell to the floor, with even more tears on your face than before.
"(Y/n)." Gilbert laughed, seeing his cute friend struggling on the floor. He lifted the wet portrait off you to reveal you covered in wet paint.
"Oh your so funny sometimes~" he said, grabbing your arm and putting you back on your feet.
"W-why are you here.." you said quietly, feeling your shyness begin to kick in.
"I came here to say sorry."
With that, you were pulled into a tender hug, instantly you hugged back, rubbing your face his Gilbert's chest, hearing his tender heartbeat. He began to chuckle while he stroked your hair.
"I'm not really with Liz, (Y/n)."
You glanced up fron his chest and smiled brightly. A smile that made him feel so happy inside.
"Really?" You literally squeaked, sounding like you'd just had a voice-crack.
He slowly kissed your forhead, causing your face to instantly trun red.
He made his way slowly down to your cheek, then to your lips in soft kissed, before wrapping his arms even tighter around you. Smiling happily again, you wrapped your arms around his neck, helping his deepen the kiss.
 As if time had stopped, you two had just stayed there, hugging eachother softly, little pecks on the lips and cheeks every so often.
"Your so cute (Y/n)." he said, caressing your face ever-so slowly, causing you to feel like putty in his hands.
He rubbed his cheek against yours after, and kissed it, watching your cheeks turn brighter red and squeeze his heand with excitement. After, he placed his chin on top of your head.
"I really like you (Y/n).."
"I lo-" you began but stopped..feeling like saying 'I love you' would be to much.
However, you were also haulted by his lips on yours once again.
"Good. Because I like you enough to love you too~"
:iconawesomeechosong: requested this! Hope you like it~

OOC-ness? sorry 'bout that :(

First day back at school..and I'm tired. Spelling errors? I don't give a crap :P Js
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That's me...almost. Only doing painting, lonely and afraid to communicate with others..
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Awesome! For once someone actually makes good story with a shy reader and Prussia.
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The awesome thing about this is that the personality for the reader is perfect for me. Well, when I'm at school and stuff. This is totally awesome! Thanks a whole bunch for writting this beautiful work of art ^_^
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Your welcome! Mentally thank the requester too :D
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Prussia wasnt even OOC to me. ^.^ He was Mysterious and Epic as Awesome! :c Sadly i can only draw Mochi Hetalians.... WAI AM I A FAIL? owo Only 2 people notice me in school and one guy just tortures me. That makes 3.
1meh8 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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