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February 18, 2013
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"Hmm..since you can't talk, why not play a game of cards instead?" Peter asked, pulling out a small deck of cards from hic back pocket. Instead of smiling, you groaned, wishing you could be with Arthur or even Antonio. "Let's play war!"
After that Peter laid the first card down, in the end he won. With a shriek of delight, he laid down aother-along with you-and we won again.
It wasn't until you caught glimpse of a light blue dress, you hand signaled Peter to stay, and walked past him towards the sulking girl known as Michelle.
Once you turned and found her hiding behind a tree, she nearly fainted and tried to run away, luckily you grabbed her arm.
"Why are you watching me?" you ask, sounding angry even though you didn't need to be.
Michelle kept sulking and rubbed her nose before leaning against the tree.
"I'm nervous for you.." she said, continiting to rub her red eyes. "Francis has been talking about you.."
You frowned. Great. You were loosing Arthur, learning to love Antonio, and now Francis was after you?!
"What about me?"
Michelle took longer to answer, until you leaned in closer with a straight face.
"H-he says he's going t-to keep you..after..a-and.." she continued to sob before finishing her sentence, however you had an idea of what the rest of it was.
"It's alright Michelle." you reply, rubbing her back softly, trying to comfort her.
Then she looked up, her twinkling brown eyes seeming to almost...glitter, like diamonds.
"You won't tell him will you? I'd become..f-fish food-"
"Shhh no I won't tell a soul." you say, letting your more femanine side take over into comforting her.
"Michelle!" a French voice-obviously beloning to Francis-called in the short distance from the camp.
"I have to go.." she replied, standing up and drying her eyes with her dress. "I'll be looking out for you."
She smiled, before the voice continued to call her.
Looking from her back to the ground, you noticed the ground was glimmering. Kealing down you picked up a few diamonds.
You remembered hearing about it in folklore..
Diamonds came from..
Suddenly you realized.
Michelle was a mermaid..


           "There's something about that boy." Arthur told Alfred, while putting a few sugar cubes into his hot tea before taking a small sip. He was watching you play cards with Peter in the distance.
"He's very femanine looking." Alfred laughed. "Pretty boy.."
"Gentlemen! I've made the trail!" Francis replied showing them the map from before, with the exception of a small black X on the other side of the map.
"Well done then frog." Arthur chuckled, before spotting Michelle sitting alone on the other side of the tents.
"Whose that?"
Francis looked over and grinned.
"Michelle, my newest addition!~"
"Newest addition. Bloody fool." Arthur mumbled, pouring more tea into his cup and walking over to Michelle.
"Would you like some tea my dear?" he asked calmly, seeing her red eyes and nervous expression.
She nodded solomly, and took the cup, thanking him like any kind woman would.
"We still don't have a black X." Alfred replied, scratching his head. "Don't we need one?"
"That's where Antonio comes in!" Francis laughed, pointing to the Spanish man holding his guitar a few paces back.
He stood up and waved.
"That is right men. (Boy name)!"
Your head perked up at the sound of your 'boy name' and moved from your game of cards, to Antonio.
He wrapped an arm around you happily-but had to do so in a manly way.
"(Boy name), is a black X!"
Arthur couldn't believe his eyes.
"Where did you find him?!"
"Next door." was all Antionio said, before massaging your back tenderly.
Arthur took a few steps forwards and looked right into your eyes, as if seeing everything you were thinking of.
"Alas..he is tired! He needs some rest from the blasted ship voyage!" Antonio finished, pushing you back into the tent, however you and Arthur locked eyes the entire time.
   Once in the tent, the spanish man threw you into a bunch of pillows and smiled, pinning you down on top of them.
"Well done (Name)." he whispered, making sure even the slightest peep wouldn't escape the tent. He slowly kissed from your chin, down your neck near your chest. "Your my little secret~"
"I think your right.." you reply, slowly pushing him up, looking into his eyes. "I think I do need some sleep.."
He pressed his lips to yours before you could finish.
"(Name), you know I won't hurt you..right?" he replied, causing your heart to stop.
" don't.."
"Love you? No!"
You sighed a little, before seeing his serious facial expression. Then he stood up, and dusted himself off.
"But I might learn to." he winked, before leaving the tent.
You laid back into your pillows, thinking about the troubling times ahead.
That was until you heard the tent being unzipped, and you looked up to see Peter walking in and zipping up the tent.
"(Name)! It's you!" he cried, jumping into your lap and pulling you into a hug.
"Peter?! You had been listening to our conversation?!"
But everything you said just ran over his head.
"(Name) (Name) (Name)! My papa misses you so much! He's being such an ass lately! Ohhh you need to come back! I miss you even Larry missed you!"
"shhhhh!" you quieted him down covering his mouth. "If Antonio knew you found out who I was..all hell would break loose!"
Peter sighed and just hugged you even tighter-which in a way hurt.
"But (Nammmee) you need to come back! Why are listening to Antonio?"
His words suddenly made you stop and think.
Why were you listening to him?
"You can't tell anyone Peter."
"But (name)-"
"No one!"
Peter crossed his arms and looked away.
"I'm not playing games with you until you tell my father who you really are. Faker!"
He unzipped the tent, and left, not even bothering to re-zip the tent.
But he was 100% right.
You were being a faker.
You felt like you were betraying Arthur in a way.
Closing your eyes, and rubbed your temples before suddenly..another figure stood outside the tent.
You looked up to see Alfred enter the tent now. Jeez..if another person comes in it will look like a party.
"(Name)? That's your real name?" he asked.
You shook your head.
"He mistook me for another."
Alfred smirked before looking at the map in his hand.
"I was looking for Antonio to give this to him..only to find he's actually hiding something else.."
As he stepped forward, you moved back, until you reached the end of the tent.
Alfred grabbed your face and pulled you close to him.
"Meet me by the river tonight..or else I tell everyone about you."
He let you go and smirked.
"Why, Alfred?" you ask, as he was about to leave.
He turned and gave you a weak look.
"You don't remember me? Do you?"
So reader loves Arthur...but is falling for Antonio. Francis is after her..and now Alfred has some secrets to share with her :D


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