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"We haven't had any women for at least a few months now capt'n." Alistair said, before his brother smirked.
"What makes you think they'll be any?" he asked, raising a thick eyebrow. Alistair just smirked.
"Already know that much capt'n." he answered. "Crazy ol' Merk already scanned the area, lots of women to choose from."
"Very well then." the captain replied. "Take a few of the crew and do a land party. Take as many as you want..but Alistair."
The red haired Scotsman turned to see his brother Arthur Kirkland, waving a finger at him.
"Don't take the whole beach."
Alistor just smirked, before making his down to infrom the other crew members, while Arthur stood there alone thinking to himself.
Seeing as his crew always liked to have a bit of the 'opposite sex' every once in a while, the Captain himself never bothered to think about himself. Though, he never needed a woman in his opinion. He'd rather be by himself.
That was..until they got closer to the beach.
He watched some of the pedestrians on the beach spot the ship and run away, while those sitting or swimming began to turn back. He hoped his crew would have enough time to snatch some, or else he'd be hearing them complain for a good time before they got back to the black market.
He turned him head and spotted his spyglass, and thought he'd take a gander just for fun.
Taking the spyglass and holding it to his eye, he easily saw the people on the beach easier-for that of course was what the contraption did.
Searching the area, he saw a man and woman talking on a (f/c) blanket, while a younger woman around (age), was staning near the water fixing her awfully large sun hat.
Arthur blinked a few times, before looking through the glass again, finally getting a better look at her. Her hat fell off by a gust of wind, causing her (h/l) (h/c) hair to fly around her face-which was heavenly to Arthur. He couldn't tell her eye color, but the sun shawn on her lovely face.
He knew he'd never felt like that before. Sure, he had a girl every now and then in order to show the crew he was a 'ladies man', but no. It was something quite different about her. He needed her, no WANTED her.
"Alistair!" he shouted to his brother, whom was already making his way on one of the smaller row boats heading to shore.
"Yes Capt'n?" Arthur could just hear him. He had to say it before it was to late-or he'd bloody well go get her himself. But he looked to see them all starting to pack, which got him worried they'd never make it in time.
"Get the girl with a large sun hat and (h/c) hair!" the captain shouted, with hopes of his Scottish brother getting the message.
"That lassie over there?!" the red head called back, pointing to none other than the lady Arthur had his mind set on.
"Bloody hell yes!" he shouted, in which Alistair nodded his head, as they continued to the beach.
By that time the (h/c) haired girl and her family were making their way up the hill, causing Arthur to fume like a volcano.
"NO!" he said angrily, slamming his fist on the wooden post.
The crew began their hunt, grabbing few of the ladies still trying to run away, while Arthur just rubbed the bridge of his nose with two fingers.
Looking back, he saw the large sun hat, dancing it's way down onto the beach again. He was odly amused by this, and his smirk grew as he wated the (h/c) haired girl follow it down onto the beach. He saw one of his crew members making his way towards her.
"Come on.." he mumbled to himself. "Don't miss..get her..get her.."
She screamed and tried to fight him, while Arthur watched happily as his strong crew member grabbed her hand and began to drag her back to the row boat.
Bloody git don't hurt her. He thought to himself, but still couldn't control the smile on his face.

         ~flashback end~

 "Arthur are you paying attention?"
The blond pirate shook his head free of his short memory, to see you waving her hand in his face.
"Sorry lo-I mean (F/n)." he said, rubbing a hand through his hair.
"Thought I lost you for a moment." you laughed, picking up a handful of sand and throwing it against a tree. "I need your help."
Arthur was still a little dazed, but nodded.
"You need to start a fire over there." you said, pointing a finger down the beach.
"Then run around back here. When everyone leaves we take a boat."
Arthur just yawned, until you slapped him upside the head.
"Focus Captain!"
He was a little shocked of how uptight you were being, but it made sence since your only time to leave the island was now.
"Alright alright." he streatched his neck and arms before getting up and walking in the direction you pointed in.
"Arthur!" you whispered loudly, watching him turn back looking unamused.
"Don't go now you arse!"


          After waiting for the Spanish troops to wake, Arthur then went to his post, and lit a small fire, but added leaves and bits of wood shavings to bring out more smoke to attract.
You smiled to yourself as the troops pointed out the fire and called eachother.
"Go get them!" another voice called, as Spanish were stumbling left right and center to finish eating or get dressed.
As soon as they dissapeared, you slowly stepped out of the jungle and looked around. No one seemed to be ar-
"Don't move chica." a Spanish voice replied. Turning you saw a gorgeous looking Spanish man with slightly curly brown hair and green eyes almost like Arthur's.
He pointed a gun right at your chest, as your heart began to pound.
"Your pretty smart. But not that smart~"
He grabbed your wrist which made you squeak, just as Arthur stepping out of the bushes.
"Antonio, let her go!"
The Spanish man-whom now you knew as Antonio-turned with a smile.
"Hola Kirkland!"
"Let her go!"
He tightened his grip on your hand while he laughed.
"No way! This chica can lead me to the treasue. She had the mark of blackbeard."
You felt the cold gun against your back.
Arthur smirked.
"I wish she did."
"Your lying!" the Spanish captain said. "She's the reason your on this island in the first place!" he then pushed you to the ground, landing in the soft sand was much better than dirt or rocks.
"Where's my ship?" Arthur ordered.
"Where it belongs." Antonio grinned cheerfully-he seemed rather cheerful to you anyway.
He looked down at you and grabbed your hand, pulling you back up again.
"At the bottom of the ocean!"
The shouts from the crew were then heard, causing both of you to move uncomfortably.
"We're not going to kill you." Antonio said, tracing his finger along your face then against your lips.
"Not yet anyway~"


               "Bloody wonderful." Arthur mumbled.
"Bloody pirates." you said back, with that Arthur jolted.
"There's nothing wrong with being a pirate!" he argued.
All you could do was sigh, seeing as there was no way at the moment to get yourself out of the ropes you had been tied in.
"We were so close." you say, looking up to see the warm blue sky.
Arthur said nothing for a while, when he did you remembered what you needed to tell him. It had been bugging you this whole time. Since you were more likely to trust him that Antonio, you felt better if you let out the truth.
"Yes (F/n)?"
As he said that name. That wansn't your name.
"There's something I need to tell you."
"Go on then."
You took a deep breath before cursing lightly.
"Do you think Antonio will really kill us?"
Dammit why can't I tell him the truth?!
"Most likely love," he said, completely forgetting not to call you that. "I thought you'd know that by now though."
"Your right." was all you answered back, before leaning against the post you were tied to, closing your eyes and wishing. Wishing, for hope.
(F/n) means fake name :D

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