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"You natsy little-"
The blond pirate turned to see his brother pointing to another ship in the distance.
"Bloody Spanish.." he mumbled, turning back to see you trying to swim away from the boat.
Pulling off his coat he grinned.
"Not having enough food has made her weak." he told his Scottish brother, before handing another crew member his hat and his boots, along with his other possessions he didn't want to loose.
"Be prepared to open the sails!" he shouted to his crew, before diving straight into the water.
Hearing the splash, you took a moment to turn and see the captain himself swiming after you.
"Nonono.." you mumbled trying to swim faster, however the pain in your stomach from lack of food caused you to slow down. "AHK."
"Come back!" you heard him call for you, but instead you continued to swim towards the sudden island that appeared in the distance.
It must have appeared when the large fog clouds emerged.
"Dammit." you squeaked feeling your leg being to cramp.
"I'm coming love~" you heard captain Kirkland shouted, still a good distance away from you.
"No your not.." you pushed forwards, as you quickly dove under the water to feel the cool sensation on your skin that was being burned by the sun. Feeling cooled and energized, you swam on, closer to the island.
I can hide in the jungle once I get on the island. you thought, coming to quick sandbar. However, the captain was hot on your trail.
"Listen love I wasn't-"
Before he could finish, you chucked some of sand you grabbed under the water and threw it as him, causing him to cuss out loud and fall into the water.
You took a few steps forwards, before continuing to swim the rest of the way there.
Almost there..
It then began to click in your mind.
What was the captain going to say? you wondered, until you heard a loud crashing sound coming from behind you.
You saw Kirkland's ship heading away from another ship, with large canon balls blasting towards eachother.
"Dammit!" the captain cussed again, flipping his blond hair off his forehead, and looking back to see his ship leaving.. stopped short.
"Captain!" you called over the blond man, seeing his turn towards you. "Isn't that-"
"The bloody ship YES!" he yelled angrily, which made you decide to swim the rest of the way to the island.


         "There is goes.." you told yourself, seeing the captain's ship, and another ship sailing away..without either of you.
You saw the captain make his way onto the beach, shaking his head to remove the access water and push it back, giving you an odd glance.
"Don't look at me." your told him. "You didn't have to come after me."
He didn't say anything, instead just grumbled to himself, and took a seat under a nice shaded palm tree.
You felt a little sad for him-his ship took off on him for goodness sake!-but you were also still mad at him.
Turning back to the ocean, you barely glimpsed the ships once more, before they finally dissapeared on the horizon.
"You shouldn't have left the bloody boat then." you heard the captain mumble to himself, but you ended up hearing it anyway.
"Well pardon me." you said, sounding rather full of youself. "I didn't want to be sold."
This caught the pirate's attention, as he looked at you then looked away turning red.
Seeing the sun high in the sky, you decided it would be prefect time to find some wood and make a fire for the night.


    The crackling of the fire began to soothe you, as little ashes made their way down onto your legs-still hot-and warmed them up. Taking a deep sigh, you looked over at the pirate captain still sitting whee he was before with his head in his hands. You had half a heart to let him sit there and rot. Then another side told you not to.
"There's plenty of room over here." you called over to him-seeing as he was a good distance away, but you could still get a glimpse of him.
Instead, he didn't answer, making you just shurg and turn back at the fire.
Good thing we weren't any far up north, it would be freezing.
You looked back at the captin again, only to find him taking a seat next to you, still not saying anything. While he warmed up his hands, you handed him a banana.
"I watched it fall off a nearby tree." you explained, even though you had no way to posion it anyway.
He slowly opened it and began to eat it, making you smirk.
"You can't live without your crew, can you?"
He looked at you, however only turning his eyes not his face, and rolled them.
"I can live on my own, just didn't want to be here."
The fire sounds were the only thing that made the silence between you seem more peaceful.
"Better than up north."
"Well, still." he argued, taking a bit out of his banana. Then he looked at it curiously.  "Are you sure you didn't do anything to this?"
This caused you to giggle.
"Of course. I didn't have any poison."
"Well your nice."
"Says the man who wants to sell me."
Of course, there was another moment of only fire, until the captain cleared his throat.
"I..wasn't being completely honest." he said, throwing the rest of the banana away. After licking his fingers, he continued.
"I didn't plan on selling you, or anything."
"Why?" you asked quickly, just to make sure this wasn't just a lie he was making up on the spot.
He grumbled a little for acting so forward, but continued anyway.
"You have a..mark? On your back.."
You began to remember the little mark on your back-a birthmark your parents called it-in the shape of an X, however it didn't mean anything to anyone at the time.
"How did you see it?"
"A crew member told me while he was taking you away. On your right shoulder?"
You nodded.
"They say those given the 'black X' mark, are the only ones who can find the lost treasure of Blackbeard."
You sighed, thinking it was becoming all some joke.
"So, your saying I am one of those with the black X mark?"
He just nodded, more or less.
You instantly stood up and kicked some sand at him, causing him to cough and shout at the same time.
"Nice try, pirate!" you shouted, before crossing your arms and heading straight into the dark jungle.


        "Liar. What an awful liar." you growled, stomping even harder as you went deeper and deeper into the forest. Once the captain and fire were out of sight, you took a seat beside a log before tearing up.
"I want to go home.." you sobbed alound, looking up to see the bright stars shining above, and a full moon.
Suddenly you heard a snap of a twig, and stood up faster than a jack rabbit in a race.
"Damn woods.." you mumbled, walking back towards the bright fire.
I've seen so many PirateEnglandxreader's lately O.o Guess I'll just add mine to them XD

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