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January 25, 2013
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"(Name), please put on your sun hat!" your mother shouted over her shoulder as she rummaged through the back of the wagon, searching for the rest of the water cloths (also known as beach towels). "And where are the water cloths?!"
"Next to the food basket," you sighed, pulling out your awfully large sun hat, and placing it on top of your head.
"Ahh, there, found it!" You could hear your mother's voice saying happily.
Rolling your eyes, you fixed the large hat on your head before pulling it off and growling.
"But it's annoying." you told your mother, examining it closely. "And itchy!"
"It protects your head from the sun! Be thankful you even have it!" your mother shouted back.
"Be thankful for this itchy thing?" you mumbled, wishing you could just throw it on the ground and stomp on it. "Yeah, right."
"(Name), you can choose the spot today," your father replied, setting the food basket on the ground along with another bag for the water cloths.
"Sounds wonderful," you smiled fakely, then turning your back and making an annoyed face.
"I just don't want to wear this stupid thing…"
You felt the hat being set on your head, and looking around to find your mother tying it tightly to your head.
"There. Just deal with it, young lady!" she replied, sounding proud of herself.
Sighing, you tried to imagine what you looked like.
Most likely naff.
"Take this bag to the beach, will yah!" you father replied, passing you the food basket and water cloth bag. "And find us a spot away from the rocks!"
Without a word, you, with your rather peculiar hat, trotted down onto the beach and found the perfect spot: not to close to the water, but perfect to smell the salt water.
It was then that you felt a strange sensation in your gut. But it was no sensation... it was more... of a nervous feeling. Ignoring it, you took out a sandwich from the food basket and began to chew on it, just before your parents came with the other bags.


"Capt'n?" a deep Scottish voice called over the roaring of the waves, splashing against the tough wooden boat.
"Aye?" a handsome British voice called back, turning to see his right hand man and brother Alistair.
"We spotted land ahead. Have any orders?" he asked, of course the pirate captain knew exactly what he wanted.
"I take it you all want something... right?" the captain asked. "Should I be so nice..."
"We haven't had any women for at least a few months now, Capt'n." Alistair said, before his brother smirked.
"What makes you think there'll be any?" he asked, raising a thick eyebrow. Alistair just smirked.
"Already know that much Capt'n." he answered. "Crazy ol' Merk already scanned the area, lots of women to choose from."
"Very well then." the captain replied. "Take a few of the crew and do a land party. Take as many as you want… but Alistair."
The red haired Scotsman turned to see his brother Arthur Kirkland, waving a finger at him.
"Don't take the whole beach."


"Look at that!" you shouted, spotting a beautiful ship in the distance. Within minutes it began to get closer and closer.
Of course, your parents were hardly paying attention; they were rather just talking about work while you played around in the sand and watched the rather amazing boat.
"Maybe it's a pirate ship," you exclaimed, causing your parents heads to perk up from their conversation.
"Oh my goodness!" your mother gasped, while instantly your father began to pack the bags.
Turning back, you saw a smaller boat making its way towards the beach.
"(Name), hurry up girl!" you father shouted, causing you to blink a few times before coming back to your current situation.
"What's wrong?" you asked, as your mother shoved a bunch of bags in your hands.
"Pirates, (Name)! Now hurry up!"
You felt a little saddened at first, but continued to pack up the bags as the smaller ships got closer.
“Run, girls!” your father called, following shortly behind as you ran up the hill.
Shouts and cries came down by the beach, as others tried the pack up as quickly as they could, for the pirates were coming in close.
Before you knew it, your stupid sun hat had blown off your head, and down the hill near the beach. Quickly shoving your bags in the cart, you raced as fast as you could in order to retrieve it.
“(NAME)!? Get back here!” your father cried, but you were already gone.
Running back onto the beach, you scanned the area quickly and found the sun hat lying perfectly near the water.
Sighing with relief, you grabbed it and placed it on your head again.
“(Name)!” you heard your mother call, but before you knew it, a strong hand grasped your arm.
“Ah no!” you shouted, swatting at whoever was keeping you from your parents.
“Not today, missy!” a rough voice answered, as you felt yourself being dragged along the beach.
As soon as you were thrown into one of the small boats, you saw your mother and father racing down the hill to get you, but they were too late.
“(Name)!” They called over and over; your father even jumped into the water, but it was no use. Your mouth was being covered by a large cold hand, while your arms were tied with rope; you were being held down by a group of pirates, along with a few other girls. It was then you realized you weren't alone.
They had taken other girls too... and thinking about how scary they were now... You gulped.


With that, you were firmly pushed to the ground, landing on your knees before a seemingly tall man with shaggy blond hair. However, that was all you could see of him at the moment.
Finally, he turned, revealing gorgeous green eyes, and...oddly enough large eyebrows. You smirked at seeing him, realizing how good looking he actually was.
“We got seven.”
He sighed, and put a hand on his hip.
“I said not to take the whole beach.” he replied, rubbing the bridge of his nose.
You realized your mouth hadn't been covered anymore, and just blurted out:
“Well they didn't do that, but they scared everyone away… maybe that counts...”
Instantly, the captain and everyone else looked at you, while all you could do was look down to the ground.
“Is that so?” he asked, kneeling close to you, lifting your chin to meet his gaze.
“I saw you leaving with your family. Why'd you go back?” he asked, causing you to smirk.
“My stupid sun hat.”
He then chuckled and stood back up.
“Do what you will with them then, lads.” he said, however still eyeing you. “Except this one.” he pointed his long sword at you, causing a bead to sweat drop from your forehead, and onto the wood.
You felt yourself being pulled up, while other girls were being taken away downstairs. Hearing their cries for help and screams of mercy made you tear up, but you could only wish them to pull through. They weren't as lucky as you, but maybe the captain was worse.
“So...” you felt someone purr, and began to tug on your (h/c) hair. Turning around, you saw the blond captain smirking at you. “Where's your sun hat now, love?”
You snickered.
“Gone now, thanks to you. I paid good money for that!”
“Your money or your parents’ money?” the captain then asked, causing a sudden blush to creep onto your cheeks.
“Oh my~” the pirate purred again, and wrapped an arm around you while licking your cheek. “Your such an awful liar, love.”
“Why love?”
He glanced at you for a moment, before tuning in to your question.
Before he could answer you just chimed in with your own answer.
“Is that how you talk to all the ladies?” You raised an eyebrow, this time a blush rising to his face.
“I don't-”
“Do you even have a lady, Mr. Pirate?”
“My name is not-”
“Your eyebrows are awfully large-”
Suddenly, you were pinned against the wall, with the captain's right hand pinning your arm above you while looking right into your eyes.
It was just as if you 'clicked'. Something strange happened in the few moments you looked at him, until he unpinned you and laughed to himself.
“You can leave now.”
You crossed your arms.
“And do what?!” you argued, seeing as there was nothing to really do on a pirate ship that wouldn't lead to you getting mentally and physically scarred.
“Find out for yourself.”
Sighing, you turned to face the sea and began to slightly tear up, wondering of what was to come of you.


You waved your hand up and down in order to bring a slight cool air to your face, in the dreaded heat the swept across the whole boat.
“It's hot,” you whined, looking up to see the captain – known now to you as Captain Kirkland – and watching him smirk.
“You complain too much, love. Just wait! They'll pay a fortune for you on the black market.”
Hearing those words made you feel uncomfortable. You were just informed the day you were taken that you were going to be sold, however the captain wanted you to be 'pure' before being sold. That was why he chose you to stay with him.
“Captain Kirkland?”
He shot you a curious glace as if to say 'go on then', just as a nice cool breeze blew by that literally made everyone sigh.
“Why do you want to sell me?”
“You in perfect condition. Pure, young, gentle.”
You huffed at the gentle part, causing him to smirk once again.
“I say, love, go grab me to bread and whiskey from the cellar, be a good girl.”
Groaning, you got up from your seat on the ground and made your way down the stairs before getting an idea.
“Captain!” you called, seeing his head appear over the railing a few seconds after.
“Get your own bread and whiskey!” and with that, you turned for the railing, and dove right into the ocean.
Kind of a random writing I suppose :P needed to do something about pirate iggy though ;P

I don't own nuffin but me, and the story plot err whatever >3<

NO ROMANCE?!? I'm sorreh..:iconsulkplz:

Next: [link]
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