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December 21, 2012
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Romano shifted uncomfortable in his seat while is happy-go-lucky brother was pulling him happily down the street. Of course, he was in a wagon. And of course, his brother was the one pulling it. Italy was brining Romano on a trip to visit their friend (Your name), but he wouldn't go. It wasn't until Italy grabbed a water hose, his brother jumped into a red wagon and held his knees. Italy then just began to pull the whole wagon, along with his brother.
That was why Romano was in such a pickle. He knew he didn't want to face you again..not after...he gulped at the thought. The 'incident'. He scratched an ich behind his ear, before shivering at the many thoughts that ran through his mind. How could you ever look at him again?

   ~~~~~~~~~Three weeks ago~~~~~~~~~~~~

    (Your name) (Last name), the (personality trait), (personality trait) person at (high school), but Romano loved her either way. He was so fond of her pretty (e/c), that gave him glances during class sometimes. But unlike her features, came more of her personality. He liked her somewhat (personality trait), and (personality trait) personality. It intrigued him. His brother Italy knew so much about her, and told him about her hobbies and favorite sports and classes. Romano used that information to his advantage, when he began to talk to you before and after class. He knew you liked (f/hobby), so he asked you a specific question pretaining to it. She instantly began to talk back, and their friendship moved along quickly. The next few days went by, the talking grew. It turned out, she secretly liked (f/spot), and was fond of brown haired guys. Within the first week, they were already best friends. Romano walked her home from school, even though he lived in the opposite direction, and bought her lunch sometimes-becuase he knew exactly what she liked.
He wanted her so much. He wanted her to love him. Just like she liked him. She also wanted him. But how could she say it? Romano was so hard to read, she just didn't know if he liked her back, or was just using her for something.
Finally, the week after Romano spoke to (your name), he found out she was having a party at her house, and all her friends were invited. Romano became so happy, he went to see Britain the day before. He asked the english man to make him 'irresistable'.
Britain finally agreed, however warning him something could happen in the process. Romano didn't care. He wanted (your name) all to himself at the party. If he was irresistable, maybe she would only want him.
Britain finally made the spell, and cast it upon the anxitous italian man, before a blinding light filled the room. When Britain opened his eyes, his mouth nearly dropped open. Oh Romano was there alright. Just a large set of cat ears were placed utop his head, and a nice fuzzy brown tail came swatting around, nearly hitting the british man in the face.
"Watch that thing!" he shouted, hitting it away. Romano looked at himself in the closest mirror before letting out a cry of horror.
Britain watched him rant on and on about 'IT ISN'T IRRESISTABLE' and 'WHAT WILL (YOUR NAME) SAY?!'
Finally the english man grabbed Romano by his shoulder and shook him. It reminded him of what he did to his brother when he was being annoying.
"Calm down git! Just go see what she thinks!"
Romano straightened his tie and grumbled all the way to his house.
He was so nervous. What would (your name) think?

   ~~~~~~~~~day of the party~~~~~~~~~

  Romano slammed his fist against the door for the fourth time. All the noise coming from inside, it was no wonder nobody heard him. He didn't want to enter, he just wanted to see you. But..what would they say? Romano sighed, and cursed over and over until the door finally opened with (your name) and Britain about to walk out.
"Romano your here!" (your name) smiled, before pulling her friend into a hug. Britain began to grumble, until (your name) finally turned to him.
"We can go later. I want to chat with Romano."
"Go where?" Romano butted in as soon as her sentence was finished.
He sounded like a little child wanting to know where his parents were going.
"We were going to get a pint down at the bar.." England smirked, seeing the italians red-turning face. "But now you here I guess we can't.."
"Nonsence Arthur!" (your name) replied.
'Wait...(your name) used his HUMAN NAME?! Oh he's getting it..' Romano thought angrily.
"Come on Romano." she took his hand and went into the house.
The two began to chat until (your name) suddenly saw the cat eats on his head-and thinking they were fake-she pulled at them.
Romano yelled, which meant all the attention was focused on them.
She used is human name this time.
"Are those...real?"
Romano began to shift and stutter.
"Well...uh..s-sorta..(your name) and..a.."
"He's a bloody cat." England laughed. "Look at his cute witte tail." he chuckled, causing everyone else to laugh along. Romano began to feel even angrier than before.
"Big ears too-"
Before a breath was let out, Romano pinned Britain to the wall with a first next to his cheek.
"YOU did this HUH?! Damn bastard! I should-"
"Romano stop!" (your name) tugged on his arm.
Romano had no idea how close she was, and turned to look at her, but instead elbowed her right in the face, causing her to fall to the ground. Tears began to form, as her face turned redder from the mark. Romano couldn't believe what he'd just done.
"I'mma so sorry!!" he replied, sounding still a little angry from England. (Your name) just nodded, and wiped some blood coming from her nose. A few girls came to help her and took her into the bathroom, while Romano turned to see Britain smirking.
"Good one 'Mr. Cat.'"

  ~~~~~~~~~~~Present time now~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   Italy knocked on the door, while Romano was still nervous as heck. He didn't know how to face you. It was already been a week, and no calls or texts. Not even a sigh of her at school. Finally, (your name) opened the door and hugged Italy. She then noticed Romano and what he thought was going to be an angry slap, turned out to be warm hug.
"Get out of the wagon Lovino." he ordered, which he did immediantly.
She then pulled him into a better hug, which he didn't return at first.
She smiled at him before petting one of his ears, making his purr.
"I'm sorry for not talking to you..I've been worried about you-"
He slapped her hand away.
"You were worried about ME?!" he questioned.
She nodded.
"I found out Britain did this to you on purpose..because..."
She blushed lightly, before taking a huge risk. She quickly placed her soft lips to his, in a cute kiss. Romano didn't return it either. He was to shocked. It was all happening to fast...
She pulled back with a sad face. There was a silence, before Romano realized his brother ditched them, in order to leave them alone. She stomped her foot on the ground.
"Dammit!" she shouted. "They lied to me! You don't-"
This time taking a risk, Romano hushed her by kissed her again, instantly she wrapped kissed back. He smiled lightly, before placing his hands on her sides, purring softly as she scrtached his cat ears.
" do really like me..?" she giggled, taking his hand.
Romano began to turn red, and rubbed the back of his neck.
(Your name) grinned, before pulling him by his collar into the house, and slamming the door behind them.


    Romano purred again as she stroked him lovingly.
"(Your name) that tickles.." he grumbled.
"I know." she giggled, before stroking him again, making him purr even louder.
She kissed his chin carefully, while he carefully sat up and licked her neck, like a cat.
"Whose you kitty~?" he grinned deviously.
(Your name) pressed her forehead aginst his while stroking his fluffy tail again.
"You are~"
Romano stuck his tounge out as her, before getting from his seat.
"I need to go now."
(Your name)'s mouth dropped open.
"I want to change back now. I'll beat the stupid english man if I have to-"
He turned from the door to look at (your name), her eyes as cute at they could. She was making a pouting face.
"Don't change yet..I want you like this a little longer~"
With that, he licked his lips, and closed the door.
Neko!RomanoxReader for~~:iconpineapplenumber23: :D

P.S~ (Personality trait)= a word describing you, example: 'nicest' or 'meanest'
(just for those who maybe didn't undertand..)

warning OOC-ness! such a crack at the end XD
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