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July 17, 2013
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This is what went down a few short days ago...

"Come on bro, don't lie!" Alfred Jones boomed at his friend, and once brother, Arthur Kirkland.

"No you bloody git! I am not lying!"

Alfred, being the loud and obnoxious man he was, knew Arthur had a crush on (Name).

(Name), was a pretty girl they met a while ago, who turned out to be the country of (county name)! She was (insert personality here), and no matter how hard Alfred tried to ignore it, he could see Arthur falling for her like a ton of bricks.

It was high time he got down to business, and brought them together. However, Arthur was being a pain in the keester.

"Uggh dude, your no fun! Can't you see I'm trying to bring you two together!" Alfred admitted, tyring to hide his excitement.

He had a plan. A very...serious plan. It would for sure get Arthut to confess to (Name). But it would be hard to fulfil because nobody liked his ideas in the first place.

You see, Arthur really didn't go for girls..

There was Seychelles once, but he was too tsundre for her. And the time Arthur was talking to the country of Liechtenstein, but her older brother threatened to shoot him if he didn't stay away.

After that, there wasn't anyone else Arthur really cared for. It had been years, and Alfred was a little sad for him. Until (Name) showed up.

At first she always spoke with Alfred, until he introduced her to Arthur. The two got along like peas in a pod. She went over for visits had and "tea" with him all the time. (Alfred always thought they were doing something else the cheeky American)

He'd asked (Name) before if she liked Arthur, but she never gave him a clear answer. So he assumed she DID like him. Now back to their conversation on the topic...

"I'm sure she likes you, ask her!"

Arthur looked away from Alfred, crossing his arms.

"No, means, no. Dumb American."

"HEY!" as Alfred was about to start another bickering-fight-that-happens-all-the-time, he thought about something else. The wheels began to turn and BAM, it hit him like a kryptonite block.

"Fine, you don't like her then." he lifted his hands in defeat.

Arthur finally turned back to him with a content smile on his face.

"I'm glad your not foolish enough to continue with his," he sipped his tea, "I knew you'd see it my wa--"

"But you knoww..." Alfred began to twiddle his thumbs, pretending to avoid any further conversation. "(Name) is very pretty..."

"Nice you have good taste, however we should--"

"And, you know what.." Alfred stood up, grabbing his coat and getting ready to leave.

"I think since you don't want her, I'll take her for myself.."

Arthur's eyes widened. Once he saw Alfred's smirk, his face turned light pink.

"Alfred you bloody fool!" he jumped out of his seat, face gone from pink to red.

"(Name) is a beautiful and nice girl! Don't even THINK about touching her--"

But before his rage was finished, he saw Alfred laughing.

" do like her. Admit it!" he wiped a tear from his eye, as Arthur blushed.

"N-no..s-she doesn't like men like me." he stuttered, avoiding eye contact from the laughing American.

"Alright then-" Alfred laughed. "We'll make a bet."

"A what?"

"A bet, come on you were a pirate once! You never did any bets or bargaining?!"

"Oh bloody hell I know what that is." Arthur sighed. "I don't see what any of that has to do with me."

"Well you see,” Alfred wrapped an arm around Arthur's shoulders to his dismay. “I bet you'll crack up the second I start flirting hard with (Name).”

Arthur tried to shove the American away, only to be brought closer.

“You git-”

“HAH you'll start raging and going crazy when you see me and her! You can't take your eyes off her!”

“That's not true!”

Alfred didn't buy a word of it. Finally, his plan was going to work.

“If you don't crack, or yell at me afterwards, I'll never bother you about (Name) again, deal?”|

He stepped away from Arthur to give him space, and watching him sigh.


Oh this was going to be good.

Alfred stuck out his hand to shake, only to be shoved away.

“Bloody fool, I won't crack up!” he laughed to himself.

Alfred watched the Brit murmur to himself and grumble about as he poured himself more tea. As he left the house, he knew Arthur would crack up. He just knew it.

Now this is whats going down during the world meeting..where Alfred's plan is set into action...

   It is the world meeting. All the countries gathered to discuss and try to solve world problems. Germany usually spoke first, and since his voice was so loud is kept everyone (even Greece) from sleeping.

You sat alone, waiting for a few other countries to show up. She was glad France was trying to attract Britain's attention, so he wouldn't be harassing her as usual.

But oh how you liked to stare at Britain. Or England. Or the United Kingdom. Ahhhh you loved all the names you could call him. But best of all was his human name Arthur Kirkland.

You spoke with him often and loved being with him, but sadly you knew it would never be more.

“Yo (country name)!” you heard a friendly voice shout, and turned to see your good friend Alfred holding a bag of MacDonald's in his hands. The usual. He was so nice to you, and was actually the one that introduced you to Arthur.

“Mmm smells good.” you laughed at him as he stuffed a few burgers into his mouth.

“Want one?” he shouted loudly, causing a few heard to turn.

“N-no thanks.” you smiled, and went back facing forward. You gave a little wave to Poland, and smiled at Italy, and even waved back to Russia. Everyone loved you!

At this time, Alfred finished gulping down his burgers and winked at Arthur, only to get a groan and death glare back.

“Sooo (Name).” Alfred leaned in closer to you, so close it made you blush.

“What is it Alfred?” you asked, knowing whatever he was doing was only in a friendly matter.

Instead of an answer, he grabbed your thigh roughly, causing you to yelp in surprise. wasn't actually painful..

“A-Alfred!” you gasp, giving him a little glare.

“Sorry!” he laughed a loud. “Guess I should watch where I put my hands!”

He saw Arthur looking away. Dammit, he must have missed it! He'd have to try harder.

Again, he leaned towards you and began to whisper something;

“Babe...mind if you could fix my tie?”

His words tickled your ear.

“Sure!” you laughed, leaning forward to straighten his tie. Even though there was nothing wrong with it, you still tried to make sure it was tight.

Alfred waiting until Arthur glanced over (over at you of course) before he slammed your head down into his nether regions.

“Ahhhhh!” you screeched, getting attention from almost every nation in the room. Even when Arthur looked, you stood up and fixed your hair and outfit (of course it looked like you had been doing something.......un-proper for a world meeting.)

“Alfred what were you-”

“S-sorry!” Alfred looked at if he were 'zipping up' his pants, which even made France chuckle. “(Name)'s a little forward sometimes!”

By that time, Arthur was turning a little red. He knew Alfred said he would 'flirt hard' with (Name), but he didn't think he'd go THAT far. Pushing her head into his......groin?! What an awful thing to do to a woman!

But he couldn't get up and shout at the American now. He was to....nervous to tell (Name) how much he liked her.

He settled down a little once Alfred had to make his announcements, and (Name) was being left alone.

All this goes down during the meeting in Arthur's Point of View!~

GAHHHH I'm getting so sick of America! What the bloody hell does he think he's doing?!

He's touched her, pushed her, forced her to sit on his lap and even...slap her butt as she was heading to the washroom!

I can't loose myself now...I can't face (Name) yet, and if I crack that bloody American idiot will rub it in my face forever!


So as Arthur and the others continue the meeting, Alfred continues to flirt with (Name).

He whispers things to her, and it makes her laugh.

He's wrapped an arm around her. Made inappropriate comments about her body, and Arthur would hear all of it.


“(Name), we should leave and go to my house.” Alfred whispered loud enough for the whole room to hear. Well...he wanted Arthur to hear.

“Alfred, we all need to be here.” (Name) said calmly. But she gasped a little when Alfred nuzzled into her neck softly and whispered something...most likely something sexual.

Arthur was furious now. Everything he'd seen was making him more and more upset. He wouldn't be surprised if he yelled at Alfred now.

It wasn't until comments about 'him' started popping up.

“Do you see Arthur's face?”

They were both looking at him now causing Arthur to fluster.

“Umm..what about him?”

“I bet he's dying to have bed.”


Arthur turned red, and made the person sitting next to him ask if he were okay.

“Yeah...he told me. He wants in.”

“In where?!”

“In your--”

“ALFRED JONES STOP THIS IMMEDIANTLY!!” Arthur shouted at the top of his lungs, stopping the whole meeting, and all eyes turned to him.

As soon as he noticed, he settled back into his seat and tried to look normal. But that didn't change anything.

“HAH  you cracked!” Alfred shot up and began to do a funny little happy dance.

“nonononono.” Arthur mumbled to himself as Alfred laughed like an idiot.

 “YES my friend!” Alfred pointed at him.

“I'm NOT your friend!”

As they were bickering back and forth, (Name) and the other nations had not a clue of what was going on.

“Confess now!”


“(Name), you confess!”

“Confess what?!” she asked confused.

Alfred sighed and looked into her eyes.

“Confess that you want Arthur in your--”



 “Well that bloody well embarrassing.” Arthur growled, grabbing his coat and hat. (Name) had her coat next to his, and watched him grumbled about himself.

“I know! That Alfred sometimes!” she said, causing Arthur to crack a smile. “He thinks we're in love, he's so dumb!”

Those words made Arthur's heart break. He felt like it was time now, but after you said...did you really think of him as a friend?


You already had your coat on, and turned to him as you buttoned it up.


“W-well...I have something I should get out with..”

“Oh Arthur!” a squeaky fake girly voice shouted, as Alfred was putting on his best 'girl' face.

“I love you so much!! Please me mine!! Arthurrrrrr!”

You blushed heavily, and of course the two men standing by noticed.
“Alfred you git! That's not what she was going to sa--”

“B-but it's true!”


Arthur looked at you with wide eyes, as you tried to cover your face.

“I...I do like you Arthur..b-but your”

“Hannnnndsomeeee!!” Alfred squeaked, before Arthur gave him a big smack over the head forcing him to stop.

“What were you sayiIII---”

As he turned his attention back to (Name), her lips were already onto his, in a very sweet kiss. Instead of being to nervous and pulling back....Arthur had a sense of longing. He wanted this for so long. So he kissed her back.

After they parted, his arms wrapped themselves around her waist, and hers onto his chest. Both were a little dazed, and they looked at each other with goofy smiles.

“I really do fancy you (Name)..”

You giggled, making the British man smiled.

As you trailed your hands into his blond hair, you said; “Well I fancy you too~!”

And with that, another quick kiss was shared.

“Holy crap man! Arthur's first kiss! Million views on youtube!” Alfred shouted to the countries who hadn't left yet.

Arthur blushed, while (Name) started laughing, and pulled her new British man into a hug.

“Oh man! Wait until the fangirls see this! They are going to flip!” was the last thing you heard from Alfred as you left, feeling better than ever.

For the first time, maybe Arthur would have to trust Alfred's plans more often.

A lot of POV changes! :P

So...what would happen if Arthur had to watch Alfred flirt with his crush, eh? ;)
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