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November 24, 2012
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The signs of summer were officially gone with the trees turning colors, and fall settling in. Everything was okay, until it suddenly became below freezing. Every day you'd have to trug along the wet snowy path to school, and be dragged around the park with your brother when he needed to get 'out of the house'. It was surpruizing that your parents never forced you to go outside, since you were the only one in the family that despised the stuff. It was just the cold period. Being fulled equipped with your scarf, mittens, snow shoes, hat, heavy coat, and warm leggings, you finally waddled out of the house behind your eager brother, who was dying to get to the park. It was a packing snow day..great. Perfect for making forts, snow men and ughhhh. You winced at the thought. Snow balls. The rememberance of being hit so many times in the face, and nearly getting blue fingers in fourth grade made you never want to be out in the snow again.
"Hurry up (your name)!" your brother shouted, waiting impatiently for you so he could cross the busy street. The park was only a small distance away, and seeing the happy playing children made you smile. Only wishing you could turn back, when a giant truck brushed a mountain of snow all over you.
By the time you brushed all the snow off, your brother was nearly on the ground laughing. Without haste, you gripped his arm and pulled his laughing self the rest of the way.


    "Watch me (your name)!"
"Don't scream my name in public." you wined towards your brother, who was pointing at the snowman right beside him. It was absolutely adorable, but the snow was just..ugh.
He made a funny pose in front of the snowmen and a few people laughed. You on the other hand crossed your arms and continued to read facts on 'Fictional Characters'. It was quite the interesting book, had things all about goblins and fairies and trolls. You were now reading the section about Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and Tooth fairy. Your favorite however was Jack Frost. The man who froze things without a second thought, and the name just sounded so cool. There was a Jack at your school, and it was ironic becase his last name was Burns, but he had nothing cool about him accept his firey personality. You wished the book had more info on the characters, but you sighed in defeat-knowing you couldn't control the book-and flipped the page.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh (your name)!"
"I told you not to scream my name!" you groaned, not even looking from your book. Until another shout came from in front of you, and remvoing the book from your sight, discovered your brother on the ground in a pile of snow, and the snowman destroyed. A large sled was sticking out of the pile, and another young boy threw himself out of it.
"WOW did you see THAT!" he shouted happily, taking the sleigh from the tiny mountain of snow.
"Oh my gosh (brother's name)!" you cried, coming to aid your brother. He was winning and trying to get up from the pile. Another deep voice was heard behind you.
"Here let me help you-"
You both faced eachother, and were nearly stunned at your appearcanes. To him, you looked wonderful with your (h/c) hair and shining (e/c) eyes. He held your brother's other arm while you helped pull him from the snow pile. The guy helping you was a strange looking characters. He was white hair! Not usually something you'd seen looked so natural..and his eyes were so lovely. So bluey, and pretty. didn't even know this guy!
"Sorry about that!" he replied, rubbing the back of his neck. "Just helping a kid out."
"That's fine." you said, grasping your tired out brother. "May I ask who you are?"
You smriked at the sound of it. Like Jack Burns.
"I know a Jack." you laughed, quickly focusing your eyes on your brother, then pack to Jack.
"I bet he can't do awesome things like me!" the white haired Jack replied, taking the tall brown stick in his hands, and creating a bunch of ice crystals in the air. They slowly faded back into the shy and (brother's name) lost it.
"YOUR JACK FROST AREN'T YOU!" he cried, jumping up and down. "I know you!"
The white haired boy laughed.
"I think most people do."
"I've read about you.." you leaned in a little. He seemed a little taken back, and moved over a little.
"I'm in books. Heh. They alway's get everything wrong!"
You clutched the book of Fictional Characters in your hands.
"Nonsence!" You cried. "This book is great! It taught me a lot."
"Did it teach you I could do this~" Jack raised his stick in the air and suddenly soared up into the air without a thought. After a few moments, he appeared behind you on the bench.
"No." You sighed in defeat. "Didn't tell me that."
He got up fron the bench and chuckled.
"Then why do you listen to it?"
You glanced from the book back to Jack.
"Can we go hoooooooooooooooooome noow." your brother groaned wiggled and squirming around becuase he was bored.
Jack leaned down to his level, and pulled a iceicle from behind his ear like a magic trick.
"It tastes like candy." he said, watching (brother's name) lick it, and get his tounge stuck to it faster then you could even say. He began to tug on it, thinking he'd taste the candy soon. Jack looked back at you with a smile.
"Where are you from Jack?"
He seemed a little hesitant.
"Can't say. Don't want it goin in any one of those books.."
You looked at the book feeling kind of emberassed.
"It wouldn't.."
"Still." he shrugged, taking a few steps back, before taking off into the sky.
"Hey Jack!" you shouted, hoping he'd hear you.
He finally turned around and slowly made his way down again.
"Will I see you again?"
"Sooner than you think (Your name)." with that, he took off.
Before you could blink you said aloud;
"How did he know my name?"


         Kicking off your shoes and sitting by the fire for a few hours surely got the light frostbite off your toes and fingers. Signing, you changed into some warm clothes and laid into bed. You were thinking about the strange Jack Forst, and wondered if you would ever see him again. Things began to run through your mind, until a swift knocking was heard at your door. Looking up, you saw a tiny humming bird swirling around before Jack's face appeared in the window. Screaming lightly, and falling backwards, you fell off the bed before blushing.
You quickly opened the door, and let Jack in before any cool air got in.
"What are you doing?!" You cried, shaking already.
He laughed.
"I told you I would see you again, so."
"How'd you find my house? And know my name?"
Jack smirked, and shurgged.
"I have my ways."
"Do you know Santa?"
He raised an eyebrow, and seated himself on your bed.
"We call him North up there."
"Who? You?"
His smile grew.
"Not just me. The guardians."
Your eyes widened. Like? From the books? This couldn't be happening..
"Whose the guardians?"
"Tooth fairy, North or Santa Claus, Sandman, and the easter bunny."
You jumped up and down on your bed.
"Thats so cool! I wish I could meet them-"
"You could one day.." Jack began to lean in closer and closer.
Until for a moment, it felt cold. His lips were lightly on yours, before he pulled back with a light pink face
"Maybe one day then." you tried to make things sound less awkward.
Standing up again, Jack sighed.
"I better go."
You grabbed his arm, which was holding the tall stick.
"Don't leave!"
He turned and faced you with a warm smile.
"I'm not leaving yet there's....things I need to attend to."
He opened the window before climbing out and waving goodbye.
You closed the doors again, before getting back into bed and falling sleep.


       A few weeks had passed and no word from Jack. It was strange though, it felt like he was there. When you were being yelled at by your mother, her coffee suddenly forze, and she got so angry. Jack Burns was hitting on you, and somehow his coat got frozen to the wall he was leaning on. It felt like Jack was watching over you, even if he wasn't around. It was almost a month, and it was christmas eve. Sitting in your room again, the same knock was suddenly heard. Smiling brightly, you looking out your window to see Jack. But he wasn' there, sighing you looked down for a moment, until you finally closed the window. That was saddening...until you tunred around to see Jack standing there with a devious smirk.
"Hello (your name)."
You smiled brightly and hugged him. He was cold, but you didn't care. You had gotten used to the cold now, all thanks to Jack.
"Did you finish what you had to do?"
"Sure did (Your name). Ever have any bad dreams lately?"
You thought for a moment..
Before you could speak he shushed you, and pulled you into another hug.
You closed your eyes to embrace the feeling, until you felt something cold hit your nose. You opened your eyes to see Jack kissing your nose, a little harshly, but still soft. Almost as if he was nipping it, and a  tingling sensation run through your body. You began to laugh, until Jack gave you a confused look.
"What's so funny?"
You sighed and snuggled into him, hearing his heartbeat.
"Jack literally..nipping at my nose.."
I've gotten better at writing since my first one :p

Moar jack frost!! :D yaaay~ Here's my other Jack FrostxReader if you haven't already seen it ;) [link]

Sorry the love thing happened hands and fingers are feezing and getting tired..
--i feel like Jack forst is in my presence..--

Jack belongs to his owner(s)
I wrote the story.
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I never, ever have feelings in my hands, when I'm outside! xD;
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