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October 11, 2012
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"Really..another snow day.."
You sighed and slumped back into your chair and held your knees against your chest. This had been the third snow day in a row, and so far you weren't enjoying it. A few days before you had gotten the flu, and could not attend the skiing and skating trip your friends, and the rest of the school were doing. Now they were stuck up there due to the weather-but it obviously wasn't a problem since they had eachother and all the free time to ski and skate-while you were stuck back at home with no friends to hang out with-within your range anyway-and your parents were working away at solving what to do about the leaks in the attic.
Light snow began to fall, and you groaned.
"Not AGAIN."
There was a light tap on the window, and when your head perked up, there was nothing.
"Just the wind." your growled before staring at the scarf you got last winter that you forgot to wear. You snapped your fingers and smiled to yourself.
'There's a pond just down a ways!' you thought. You could (hobby that you enjoy), while staring at the blank forzen pond. It was a grand idea, and you picked up your scarf and grabbed your coat. You were gone before another gust of wind could blow by the house.


             The cold nipped your nose as you bundled your hands in your mittens. The breeze was coming from the north, and coming fast. You sat down and (whatever your hobby is etc.) smiling as snow dust flew off the hard ice. You stood still for a few moments until you heard a faint call in the distance. You cracked opened your cold eyes to see nothing, and thought it was just the wind. Until it came again, you head shot up to see a boy-a teen more like it-sliding around on the ice around a good few yeards ahead. All you could tell what his whiteish hair and blue royal blue sweater. At first, you paid no need to this random character, until he began skating closer. You decided to go get a better look at him. With that, you took off onto the ice, sliding slowly towards the skating teen ahead of you. You hardly paid attention to the cracking ice under you. When the boy in front of you finally noticed you coming towards him, all your heard was someone yelling and you fell straight into the freezing water. You could hardly move, water seeping into your body until your eyes closed and you felt a warm hand grab your elbow and bring you up the surface.


             "This was a foolish idea Jack!"
"There was nothing else I could do! I didn't want her to die.."
"Why didn't you just get help from someone?"
"I don't know..I just thought-wait.."
Your eyes opened slightly, trying to adjust to the light in front of you. Your back cracked as you sat up slowly, your eyes opening wides within seconds. To the left, there was a few packed boxes with bright ribbons on them. To your right, the white haired boy, and a bigger and taller man with a large white beard staring at you.
The white haired boy leaned down and felt your head.
"She's not dead!"
"Hmmph." the white bearded man grunted before turning to the white haired boy.
"When will she go home?"
The white haired boy-who you thought had the name 'Jack'-just shrugged.
With that, the white bearded man left. Jack, knelt down by your side again.
"You'll have to excuse him...I think he's in a bad mood.."
You tried to stand up, still kind of anxtious. You were halted by a large pack of boxes, and suddenly felt weezy.
"Look out!" Jack called before the both of you ran into the boxes and fell over with a loud thud.
After a few moments of silence, you two began to laugh, and Jack helped you back to your feet.
Dusting yourself off, you finally got a good look at the boy that 'supposedly' saved your life.
His hair was a gorgeous white colour, with light almost aqua coloured eyes.
"So..who ARE you?"
Your (e/c) eyes widened then your back arched.
"I'm (first name). (first name) (last name)."
The boy nodded and shook your hand.
"I'm Jack. Jack Frost."
You couldn't almost believe your eyes. His pale skin and eyes and hair made you think...
"Like..the REAL Jack Frost?"
He swirled his head around before foolishly nodding.
He put a finger to your lips just as you were about to have a happy spazzm.
"Don't tell anyone that I told you that!" he looked over his shoulder a few times before finally putting his finger from your lips.
You pretended to zip your lips and lock them with a key.
"Got it!"
He flashed you a smile, before poiting towards a flight of stairs.
"Follow me!"


                After having almost fifteen cups of hot chocolate, and almost getting sick from having to many marshmellows, you and Jack began to watch as Santa bellowed and stomped around his workshop trying to find his Naughty and Nice list. You giggled, as Jack forze his coffee from the other side of the room as Santa was about to drink it.
Before his voice could get any louder, you and Jack and raced outside the workshop, and outside the building. There was a lovely view of the sunset.
"You know Jack.."
He looked over at you, throwing his light wooden stick over his shoulder.
"Yeah (your name)?"
"I'm going to miss this place."
He face seemed to fall, before looking into your eyes.
"You don't have to leave. I don't always come here but.."
You put your finger to his lips this time and shushed him.
"Don't you travel a lot anyway? I mean..YOUR Jack Frost."
He nodded with a sly girn.
"I love having no rules. I get to do whatever I want. It's great."
"Don't you ever get tired? Don't you ever want to just sit down?"
You couldn't help but giggle at his honestly.
"I'll miss you Jack.."
He gave you another look of dissapointment, before saying;
"Who said we're going to be apart?"
Before you could say anything, Jack pulled you into a big hug.
"You could come with me! I'll wait up for you! We could fly around together, and drink hot chocolate! And freeze peoples tounges to poles! And-"
"Hmm?" his eyebrow raised.
You let out a heavy sigh.
"I can't do those things. I'm only human.."
His smile faded like the breezes that went by your house earlier.
"But.." he held both your hands in his. "I will see you again? Yeah?"
You blushed slightly and nodded.

A smrik formed his lips, before you two entered Santa's workshop again.


              "When will I see you again?" you aksed just as a large portal was casted into the air, that was to send you home.
"Whenver I guess." Jack replied, before handing you a small bag. "To remember me!" he laughed. You smiled, and kissed his cheek, before running through the portal-not daring to look back and see his face.


               You were back. The same spot you left. None of your stuff had been touched. With a heavy sigh, you grabbed your things and went home.
As you opened the door of your house, you realized the wind had stopped. You said goodnight to your parents, and entered your room. After you set down your bag and the small one jack gave you, you changed into warm pajamas, until you sat on your bed and stared at Jack's gift. With your eyes closed you opened it to find a shining light ice crystal. With a big grin forming your face, you couldn't help but shed a few happy tears.
'I'll miss you Jack..'
You kissed the ice crystal and set it against your bag and coat until you suddenly grabbed your neck. Your heart suddenly pounded. You forgot your scarf back at Santa's workshop. You jumped at the sound of someone knocking at the window. You turned to see the window forming a sheet of ice, and slowly words began to form. You leaned in closer until the words read:
See you soon! From Jack
You smiled and looked back at the ice crystal you had.
"Okay Jack..see you soon."


           A short distance away, Jack Frost, was watching over the people. Watching the kids play with snow balls and a few dumb children deciding to lick icey poles. Some where sceaming and having fun, others were heading home with her mothers. Jack looked down at (your name)'s house and smiled. Seeing you peering out the window looking for him made him happy that you still cared for him. He held the scarf you forgotten, and smelt your perfume on it. He decided to keep it, since it was the only thing he had-other than the kiss-to remember you by.
"See you next winter (your name)." as he floated into the sky to another town, for new places to bring the cold winters chill.
this is my first NON-hetalia reader insert XD

LOL i can't believe i did this XD but i REEEEEEWWY wanna see this movie :iconawwwplz:

Here's my Other Jack FrostxReader: [link]

Rise of the Guardians+Jack (c) DreamWorks Animation and director Peter Ramsey
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Kuroshiroryuu Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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They made Jack so adorable in the movie! The one part that bugs me about it is that Jack Frost is always the bad guys in all of those kinds of Chirstmas movies BUT in this one he's the hero
1meh8 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I know! After watching the Santa Claus movies, and now this one..
I think I might like RotG better anyway ;)
Annabel829 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah its still a really weird adjustment
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