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"Feliciano can I ask you a question?"

A happy-go-lucky italian lifted his head from his bowl of pasta to see his friend (your name) using his computer.

"(N)-(Your name)!? How'd you ah get in my house-"

"Are Italian's all loud?"

Feliciano looked almost offended.

"N-no. Bu-but why are you-"

"Is it true most to all italians are fat and hairy?"

The italian man's eyes widened. His brows then made a depressed look.

"No (Your name)! See! Look at me!"

(Your name) turned to see her italian friend point to himself, and taking a look at hm she knew that wasn't true. Well..for him at least.

"Is that all (your name)? I would like to-"

(Your name)'s eyes glared onto the screen before laughing out loud. Feliciano still didn't look to happy.

"What is it now (your)-"

"Is  is true italians have ties with the mafia?" she began to laugh again. "Wow."

Feliciano poked his friend in the shoulder. (Your name) turned her head to be..extremely close to his. She didn't even know he was there.

"Those things aren't true (your name)~" he smiled, "but you know what is true."

Her eyes widened, as he took her hand and began to run her up the stairs. Once they reached the bedroom, Feliciano stopped, making (your name) give him a puzzled look.

"I-uh." he stammered. "I was joking I guess..maybe italiens aren't the best lover.."

He was about to turn her around and make his way downstairs, when (your name) thought it was high time he got something to prove.

With that, she grabbed his wrist, and dragged him into the room, while he instantly smiled and flew (your name) and himself on the bed.

"Oh Feli?" (your name) asked, while watching the italian pry off his blue coat off.

"Yees (your name)~?" the happy man asked.

"What did you say is true about italiens?"

He laughed, and pushed you into the bed, beginning to kiss you happiily. Once he parted, he grinned.

"We're lovers~"

British Stereotypes: [link]
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Norwegian Stereotypes: [link]
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image not mine. but DAHH OOC-ness.
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