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“(Your name) what are you looking at?” Emil, the white haired Icelandic man asked, while watching his friend shuffle through random sites on the computer. He didn't have the slightest idea why she was at his house, but he didn't care. He rather her be over more than anyone else.

“Just some things to ask you..” (your name) replied, a smile appearing on her face, seeing as she found the site she wanted.

“What do you want to ask me then?” Emil replied questionably, as if ready for some super tricky math question, for something about his brother or-

“Is is true that Iceland has the strongest men and women?” she asked, causing him to rethink over the whole 'tricky math' thing. Emil took a moment to wonder why she even cared about this kind of information.

“That is said by some. But-”

“Is it true male tourists to Iceland can easily get laid?”

Emil raised an eyebrow, showing off on his 'what are you talking about' looks, causing (your name) to laugh a little.

“I'm trying to find stereotypes.” she added, while Emil rolled his eyes.

“Why about Iceland?” he asked bluntly, crossing his arms to show his disgust. Why couldn't she have looked up things about his 'big brother' or Finland? He thought those while sighing, letting her continue.

“Because they're so hard to find!” (your name) replied.

“Then why do you bother?”

(Your name) looked up and gave Emil a sly look.

“You never did answer my last question Emil~”

“Move on.”

She stood up and brushed a strand of hair from his face before smirking.

“Is there something your not telling me-”

Emil suddenly turned around, in a way stopping (your name) from finishing her sentence.

“Fine. Just a few more. If I can find any..” she replied, moving back to the computer, still smirking at Emil's shyness.

Looking down, she shut down the computer, and let out a sigh of defeat, causing Emil to focus his attention back to her.

“What's wrong now?” he asked, turning his head slightly to the right.

“I couldn't find any-” she paused the moment she saw a black and white flash make it's way into the room, and landed softly on Emil's shoulder. It was Mr. Puffin.

With that, an idea came to her. Not knowing if it was an actual stereotype or not, she asked;

“Do Icelandic people eat puffins?”

There was a brief moment of silence before Emil turned his head to the creature on his shoulder. The bird glared back at him, causing (your name) to burst in a fit of laughter.

Emil took a deep breath, before reaching forward, taking (your name)'s hand and pulled her close to him. The moment she stopped laughing he smiled.

“Nice try (your name). You'll will never get Mr. Puffin to love you more than me.” he laughed, causing the bird to fly off his shoulder and then swopped onto the nearby couch.

“Yeah right!” he shouted, before letting out a sarcastic laugh, and taking off into the other room, leaving (your name) and Emil alone.

Light blushes came to both of their cheeks, before Emil carefully took her head in his hands, and pressed his lips softly to hers, in a gently kiss.

However for reasons unknown, the poor couple had to be interrupted by none other and Mathias (who always seemed to 'wreck the mood') who let out a huge laugh, while Tino, Berwald and Lukas followed behind him.

“Emil's getting laid!” he called out, while setting his many cans of newly bought beer on the table.

Emil literally face-palmed, before Lukas crept up behind him and gave (your name) a thumbs up.

“Will you be calling me 'big brother' now too?”


The rest of the day Emil and (Your name) spent, was watching Tino, Lukas, and even Mathias, argue over who would be the 'best man' are you ''apparent'' wedding.
This is a hetalia reader insert. The 'stereotypes' were only found online. I am NOT Stereotyping the actual country, OR it's people.
It's for hetalia fans, my watchers, and those who requested it. That's all.

I'm going away for a day or two, so this is the last one in that time. Next ones up are Prussia, and Belarus..and I think Sweden.

I honestly couldn't find I know one might be wrong, or not even a stereotype. Sorry about that :P

British Stereotypes: [link]
American Stereotypes: [link]
German Stereotypes: [link]
Canadian Stereotypes: [link]
Russian Stereotypes: [link]
Italian Stereotypes: [link]
French Stereotypes: [link]
Norwegian Stereotypes: [link]
Japanese Stereotypes: [link]
Scottish Stereotypes: [link]
Chinese Stereotypes: [link]

image not mine.
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