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September 25, 2012
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HetaliaxReader-Lost my book-Denmark has it!

           "Mathias?" you questioned the tall Nordic in front of you. "I don't remember seeing you after the meeting."
He shrugged his shoulders, and tossed you the book. You caught it-thinking fast. Luckily you didn't embarrass yourself.
"I found this there, I went back. Left my coat." he said-not sounding like his usual happy self.
"Okay, thank you!" you said, opening your arms a little-maybe going to get a hug. He didn't seem to notice, and turned and walked away. You gave it some thought, but then had the courage to ask.
"Wait Mathias!"
He stopped, and looked back you.
"Want to go out tonight? For a bit?"
His lips formed a big smile.
"Would love that (your name)! See yah tonight!"
He you made your way to your house, you let out a big sigh-finally being able to tell him. You wrote in your diary many things about him, and hoped he didn't see them. Wait. You face froze-loosing a bit of color.
'What if he did see them?' you thought worried. 'Maybe that's he seemed a little shy when he returned the book to you. Then another thought came into your head.
'He didn't leave his coat in the conference room. Nobody had..'
"Oh my gosh!" you jumped-half excited and half nervous. "Mathias took my book on purpose..."

*In Mathias Point of View!*

         I sighed, at I brushed my hair through again. It wasn't working, she's going to find out sooner or later. I should have got Lukas to give it to her, or Berwald. I bet she knows I'm lying. She was so cute, with her (e/c) eyes that were so pretty to look at, and (h/l) (h/c) hair, that I remember was so soft every time I hugged her. She always had something kind to say. Even if I was being a total loser, she would make me feel better. I thought returning her 'book' would help her get to notice me, but I blew it. I acted like a jerk, but now I'm hanging with her tonight. Maybe things will go well.
"Mathias?" I heard Lukas knocking on my door. I sighed and lifted my head.
Lukas opened the door, and leaned against my door frame.
"What went on after the meeting with (your name)?" he asked.
I growled-not at him, but at myself-and slammed my fist onto my dresser drawer.
"It's no use Lukas." I said angrily. "I can't do it. She notices me, but not in THAT way."
Lukas shifted his weight and gave me the same look he always had. He could do it so well..I wish I could sometimes. Maybe (your name) likes guys that are quiet like Lukas. Maybe she does like Lukas. She always spoke to him during meetings.
"What does (your name) like?" I asked him. He looked at me, a little surprise came.
"Well..." be began, then gave me a small smirk. "Find out tonight." he said, before closing my door.
"THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" I shouted angrily, before racing downstairs after him.

         **Back to you reader**

           Your glanced at a picture you had of all the countries and you. You were standing next to Mathias that day. You smiled a little, seeing his smiling face, then put the picture down.
'Time to go.' You thought, before heading outside to meet him. He looked nice, wearing a light red t-shirt and black pants. You decided to take his hand-which he didn't object to-and made your way down the street, near the city.


         After doing so many crazy things-like running across busy streets with angered drivers shouting at you, and going up and down escalators in the mall-you two took a break, by stopping at your house where you could relax. Mathias put his arm around you, as you began to watch (_fave movie or tv show_).
"(Your name)?" Mathias asked, watching you much on some popcorn.
"Yes?" you looked at him with your beautiful (e/c) eyes, and then he couldn't take it anymore.
He pushed down on you and kissed you hard, pushing you into the couch. He pushed his tongue inside your mouth, as you ground your hips with his. He smiled a little, before savouring this moment.
"Mathias.." you decided now would be a good time to ask. "You..didn't find my book did you?"
He laughed a little.
"No..(your name)." he said, and rubbed his cheek against yours. "I took it."
You wrapped your arms around his neck.
"I don't mind."
He smiled, and kissed you again, putting more pressure on you and into your mouth. It felt so good, and he was so strong, you felt perfectly safe in his arms. As he gripped your pants, and began to slide them down, a cell phone buzzed. The two of you completely stopped, and Mathias answered the phone-which was his.
"DID IT WORK WITH (YOUR NAME) YET???" a happy and surprised Finland shouted as loud as he could on the other end. You and Mathias could hear a few others laughing in the background.
'I bet Lukas paid him to do that.' you laughed along them while Mathias turned red.
"I'm going to get Lukas if he did this.." he mumbled.
But it was completely forgotten when you took his shirt, and pulled him in for another kiss.
Sorry if there are any errors!..

:D :iconsexydenmarkplz: :D

hetalia and Denmark belong to:Hidekaz Himaruya

lots to do...XD i feel special..:iconyeahplz:
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