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September 24, 2012
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HetaliaxReader: Lost my Book!

        That's exactly what happened. You lost your precious book. But it was no ordinary book. was your DIARY. The thing you held close, and wrote everything-and I mean EVERYTHING-and now you had gone and lost it. You searched around the whole world conference building, but to no avail. It was like it vanished into thin air.
"No no no..." you mumbled to yourself as you  bit down hard on your lip. "It has to be here."
You had to find it fast..before another country picked it up and all your secrets!
You remember leaving it on the table just after the meeting, you came back after speaking with England, and it was gone.
"Hey (your name)!!!!" a voice echoed through the halls. That voice belonged to America. Maybe he knew where the book was.
"Hey America!" you shouted happily back. Being nice was kay to solving things like this. "I seemed to have misplaced my you know where it is?"
The American looked from his right, to his left, then scratched his head.
"Sorry (your name).." he said. "I dont know where your book is."
Biting your lip again, you forced a smile.
"That's fine!" you said. "No big deal."
Oh YES it was. If America didn't have it maybe...Russia did.
You raced down the halls in search for the creepy tall Russian. There you saw him, standing next to China-who seemed to be having a tough time listening to France and England argueing once again.
"Hello boys~" you smiled brightly, and walked up to them. England and France immediantly stopped fighting.
"Why hello (your name)." Russia greeted. "Did you enjoy the meeting?" he sounded a little..interested.
"It was alright." You answered. "By the way..have any of you seen my book? It's smaller, plain name is on the inside cover."
The group looked at eachother, then back to you.
"Did you bother America about it?" England grumbled. "Maybe he has your book." he crossed his arms.
"No. He said he didn't" you frowned. Russia gave you a strange stare.
"Im sorry (your name)." he said. "I do not have your book."
"Neither do I." China shrugged. "If the stupid american doesn't than who does?"
Every sighed-encluding you. This was going nowhere. You needed to hurry, before everyone left.
"Where's Italy?" you suggested.
"Over in the conference room with Germany and Japan." France pointed to the partly opened conference room door. Then he leaned into your ear.
"Maybe I have your book...mon cherie.."
You shifted a little backwards, almost bumping back into America, that had just shown up.
"Dudes!" he called. "Let's go! I'm hungry! Wanna come (your name)?"
"No thanks 'dude'." you emphised the word 'dude'. "I still need to find my dia-uhh book."
Your face heated a little. Fortunetly, nobody noticed. You took a deep breath, and headed into the conference room.
"Italy? Germany? Japan?" you whispered, thinking maybe they were disgussing something important. I guess not, because Japan was watching as Italy danced on on the large room table, while Germany was shouting angirly at him. Those three...
"Oh...'ve hello 'zere (you name)!" Germany said. You smiled politely. Germany was so big and strong, and seemily dangrous. But you had grown to know him well..he didn't seem all that bad.
"Have any of you seen my book?" you asked, while Italy was still jumping up and down on the table.
"No. Sorry (your name)-san." Japan replied, making his way around Germany, and next to you. Japan. What a character. He was the most suttle, yet sweetest person you knew.
'How could he ever take my book?' you thought.
"I did see it though however." he said, causing you to blush deep red, with mostly nervousness.
"Did someone take it??!?!" you cried, wanting to shake the words out of him faster.
He shifted away a little-obviously trying to keep his space-and looked at you.
"No. I left before anything happened." he said.
"Oh." you frowned.
Italy then jumped from the table, right next to you.
"I dont have it, don't-a worry bella!" he gave you a large grin, and raced out of the room. Germany sighed, and bid you two goodbye.
"Are you going out with us (your name)?" Japan asked.
It took a moment of thought, then you closed your eyes and rubbed your templed.
"No thank you. I HAVE to find this book." you said. Japan only nodded, and made his way out of the conference room. You put your hands on your hips.
"What's wrong love?" England peeped his head through the door, to see you standing there saddened.
"I can't find my book! That's what." you felt a little scared. The book was so important to you.
"It's okay (your name!) England replied, tapping you on the shoulder. "Maybe your looking to hard thats all!"
That made you feel somewhat better.
"Maybe, thanks England!" you said, bringing your sweet smile back on.
As the two of you made your way out of the confernce room, you bumped into an unfermiliar character. Then it hit you.
"Im so sorry Canada!" you said, helping the Canadian off the floor.
"Thanks (your name." he said quietly, barely getting what he said. "What are you looking for again?" he asked rubbing his head.
"My book." you said. Your raised an eyebrow. "You haven't seen it have you?"
He swallowed.
"!" he said. "I have to go now (your name) bye!"
You have him goodbye then smiled. He was so cute. It was sad that nobody noticed him, except for you of course. As you headed out of the building you walked down the street with China, and Russia, with France and England behind you, and America in front.
"See yah guys!" he said, turning into Macdonalds. You laughed, and waved him goodbye.
"No luck for your book (your name)?" China asked.
The thought rushed through your head.
"" You felt Russia wrap his arm around and pat your left shoulder. (since he was to your right)
"You'll be okay (your name)." he said. You tried to smile, but there was no point. You could hear Francis laughing behind you.
"(your name), maybe you should just search each of us." he smirked. "You'd have to be VERY thorough with me though-"
"SHUT UP FROG!" England smacked his head.
"No fighting in public!" you interveined. "Anyway, I got to go now! Bye guys!"
You said goodbye to your friends, and made your way home.
'Damn.' You thought. 'Nobody said they had it. Who then?!'
As you turned down your street you heard someone calling your name. You turned and saw nobody there.
But it wasn't the wind. When you heard your name being called again, you turned. There you could see someone, with your black book in his hands! The image became clearer, and the person holding your book was...........
Im so excited to start these! :)

EDIT::yea..its not for axis and allies anymore! XD pree much anyone :)

~Hetalia belongs to: Hidekaz Himaruya

Here are the ones done so far:

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"Thanks (your name." he said quietly, barely getting what he said. "What are you looking for again?" he asked rubbing his head.
"My book." you said. Your raised an eyebrow. "You haven't seen it have you?"
He swallowed.
"!" he said. "I have to go now (your name) bye!"

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"Italy? Germany? Japan?" you whispered, thinking maybe they were disgussing something important. I guess not, because Japan was watching as Italy danced on on the large room table--
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