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~*back in time~*

 "Haha there goes chunky (name)!" another voice hollered down the halls, throwing a piece of popcorn at your head. "Why don't you eat that!"
It just never seemed to end. The constant teasing, and bullying from the other students. Your wheight was the cause of course. Because nobody wanted to like the 'fat' girl. Were you really that fat? At fist it didn't bother you..but sometimes even the most secure heart can be unlocked. Every once in a while you'd come across certain folks who would chuck a peice of bread or lettuce at you and laugh.
"Eat it you whale!" they shouted along with a fit of laughter that excaped their lungs.
Every time you ignored it. You heard it clear as day, but chose to accept it. You were you, and that was final.
However it all changed..when you saw him for the first time.
Everyone called him 'The Tank', but his real name was Ludwig. He walked in your second period class, with his nice blond hair and sparkling blue eyes, and of fell in love. Of course, just by his face at first. After the first day, he sat behind you.
What striked you the most was how much he actually spoke to you during your short class. He would even ask to be partners during group sessions. Sometime you would stop and talk to eachother at lunch, and say Hi in the halls.
You began to love him even more. He was rather..strong, muscular, and well fit, but it never occured to you then. He seemed to like you all the same, even with your extra fluff. He always seemed calmer when he spoke to you as well. Of course that stood out when he was yelling at the shorter and seemingly annoying italian, who was also new at your school.
In the short time-which seemed to be forever-things began to change between you and your German crush.
You noticed he never spoke to you in class anymore. His seat was shifted across the room, where he began to speak with Kiku Honda and Lillian Howard.
She was always flirting with him, beating her large brown eyes and twirling her blond hair around her finger over and over. You wondered how some girls could do that for hours without hurting their fingers. But alas, no matter how hard you tried, it seemed that your German crush stopped talking to you. Your three-week friendship drifted into an abyss, and shattered your heart. Of course, that was your last year in highschool, and you never forgot about him.
You remember buying the last yearbook you ever would buy, to see a picture of Ludwig and Lillian on the first page, holding eachother and smiling. Well..Ludwig wasn't really smiling, but it was close to a smile. You noticed how he smiled more around you. You could have given so much more than her. Closing the yearbook, you threw it into the trash, and moved on with your life. How would someone like him ever like someone like you...
                                                    ~*Back to Present time~*

         You grumbled softly, putting a half empty box of cereal back into the cuboard. Yawning a lot louder than usual, you glanced outside to see the sun shining brightly. It was a perfect day. You were hoping for one, since a big strom just passed by. You looked back to see your cat (cats name) stretching his tail and letting out a lawn just like yours before.
"Hey (cats name)." you giggled, grabbing some food for him/her and settin it down. The cat eagerly got up and began nibbling at his food, while you sat down with warm cup of (tea/coffe/milk?) and began to stare outside.
It wasn't long after, you felt two arms grasp your shoulders, and began to massage them, while you jumped.
You looked up to see him smirking.
"Goodmorning (Name). Did I scare you?"
You just smiled at his sweet reply and let him continue to massage your tired shoulders.
"Did you have another bad dream?"
You sighed.
"The same one as before."
He knealed beside you and kissed your shoulder. He would never be like this in public, but when it came to your health or nighmares he was such a sweet heart.
"Those are just memories (Name), and-"
You hushed him with a finger over his lips.
"Don't be sorry." you smiled, reasuring everything was fine. "Those are just memories, like you said."
You watched him smile and kiss your cheek lovingly.
"Well I didn't know vuat I vas 'sinking back zen."
You smiled once again and wiped some blond hair off his face to reveal his stunning eyes.
"Everything is perfect now." he reply, taking his hand.
He let out a breath and squeeze your hand.
"Let's make something to eat."
"Breakfast sausages and eggs??" you asked giggling.
He grinned and grabbed a spatula.
"Alright zen!"


 Opening on eye, you carefully sat up, making sure you wouldn't wake up with a headache. Taking a moment to stretch, you saw the time. 7:45
"Time to hit the gym." you replied out loud, pulling off the covers and taking another few moments to loosen up. Rubbing your eyes, you finally realized while heading down the stairs.
It was all the dream..
Ludwig wasn't there. He wasn't making breakfast with you on a perfect morning. It was rather the opposite.
'I hate all these dreams I keep having' You growled to yourself, pulling out a (favorite cereal)box and spilling its contents into your bowl, before pouring milk on it.
'I shouldn't eat the extra carbs..' you bit your lip. Instead, you shrugged and dug into your bowl of cereal, eating the rest of it until the bowl was empty, and the last little drop of milk was left at the bottom.
After cleaning the dishes, you wound up on the floor, tearing over the bowl of ceral you ate.
"I'm always going to be fat!" you cried, but of course no one heard you.
You rubbed your temples and let a few more tears fall, before getting up.
'Better get my fat-ass in the shower..'


You took another lift, before setting down the heavy arm weight.
Of course, you tried to pay no heed to the two skinny girls jumping rope, who were constantly giggling to themselves and looking over at you. You knew exactly what they were thinking.
"Betcha' I can lift twenty of em'!" the one girl shouted.
"I bet you could Lillian!"
Lillian... the name ran through your mind, until it hit you.
Not a moment after, the two girls took the same weights you were using and began to lift them, of course doing a lot better than you were.
"Wow you go girl!" the taller black haired girl shouted to Lillian, who already eached ten lifts without breaking a sweat.
Rolling your eyes, you moved to another station, but it just so happens the annoying snobs behind you decided to toy with you even more. They got onto the machine next to you and began working out beside. Of course Lillian was working harder and faster than you were-since it was only your second time at the gym-and was breezing by.
"That's how the perfect ones do it!" she smiled, looking right at her friend. "Not the cows!"
This finally did you over. The last comment..she was doing it all on purpose.
"At least the cows got ass.." you mumbled, keeping your voice low in order to drive more attention to yourself.
Lillian sneered and turned her little body around.
"Didn't hear you there uh..." she looked at you with digust.
She took a moment for your name to click in.
"Oh I remember you! Haha." she laughed her stupid old laugh that wasn't even attractive at all..yet still everyone loved it, before flipping her long hair to the side. (who wears their hair down while working out anyway?!?!??)
"The one everyone threw the bread crumbs at. You never ate them though.." she pouted a little. God, she was so pathetic.
"Anyway...what did you say?"
You smiled and stood up.
"'Cows', do a lot for the world. They provide milk, cheese, butter, keep the grass down, and even meat. However slender little snakes, are poisionous, nippy, and do more harm than good."
The look on her face made you nearly crack up. Both the girls mouths were dropped. You couldn't believe you actually said that either.
All of the sudden, they both began to laugh.
Lillian even pertended to wipe a tear away from her eye.
"You think cows are special?! Take a look in the mirror nobody want's you!"
They laughed again, which hurt your heart even more.
It wasn't until a click was heard, and Ludwig...walked in, carrying his water bottle and towel, paying no attention to the girls across the workout area.
He walked over to the treadmil, and turned it on, not even taking a moment to stretch out.
"Now there's something we couldn't live without." Lillian smiled, grabbing her friends hand and pulling her across the room. She took the treadmil next to Ludwig and started it instantly at a running pace. Tears began to bubble in your eyes. It wasn't until that last day..and the yearbook never saw him since. Until then..
He was still so handsome.
Wiping a tear away from your cheek, you stood up and walked across the fitness area, hoping no one would see you.
"Hey (Name)!"
You were so close...
Turning you put on your best smile, to see Ludwig and Lillian looking at you.
Ludwig didn't see it, but Lillian lifted her hand to reveal the word 'COW' written in Ink on her palm.
The final straw was blown. You turned back around and raced outside, not looking back. Running into the girls changeroom, you sat down and began to cry lightly, hoping others in the washrooms wouldn't hear you.
After about five mintues, you heard the sound of the doors being opened, and thinking it was Lillian coming back, you hid your head and tried to draw attention away from yourself.
It wasn't long before you felt a warm hand touch your plump arm, and trying to pry your face away from your hands.
"GO away Lillian you ugly snake!" you shouted, swating away the hand, before opening your eyes to reveal the tall Ludwig, staring down at you with wide eyes.
Covering your mouth, you slid back and tried not to make eye contact.
"H-hi Ludwig..why are you in h-here.." you mumbled softly, still covering your mouth.
He didn't say anything, rather he just scooped you up in his arms and began to carry you down into the pool room.
"Where are we going.." you asked, still shocked you called Lillian a snake right in front of him.
But still..he said nothing, until finally you reached the pool.
"Ludwig why did you br-AHHHHHGK!!" you were instantly tossed into the pool with a screetch, followed by a splash, after that Ludwig dove in after.
Feeling the cool water felt so nice, until your old crush came up to the surface and you began to swim away.
"Go away!" you shouted, before feeling his strong arms grasp your sides, keeping you close to him.
"Ludwig stop!!"
"(Name) vuat is ze matter vith you?" he asked calmly, a lot like he used to in highschool. When you finally stopped squirming he let you go, until you splashed his face with water and tried to get out of the pool. Of course you were no match for him, since he grabbed your chubby waist again and pulled you back into the water along with another splash.
"Ludwig you asshole!"
"Vuat did Lillian do to you earlier?" he asked, a deep ring in his tone told you be was serious. But all the old memories of didn't bother you anymore.
"I just don't like her that's all.."
You felt his soft hand trace your faw, while his eyes looked deep into yours.
"(Name) can tell me.." he wiped a tear that was starting to from from your eyes. It was a gesture you imagined a father would do to his child.
Without another felt warm soft lips being pushed against yours, as Ludwig held you in place and had you up against the cool pool edge. It took a moment..until you finally realized he was actually kissing you.
Once you parted, you laughed.
"Who are you? This has to be a joke-"
The thought of the joke was rushed from your mind, as the blond man crashed his lips on yours once again.
"Your wrong (Name)." he smiled.
There was a moment of silence, before you felt something pulling at your jogging pants.
"Ludwig!" you cried.
Before you knew jogging pants were finally pulled off..along with your running shoes.
"Ever been skinny dipping (Name)?" Ludwig raised an eyebrow, looking even more devious than before.
Hardly remembering the term, you shrugged.
"I dont exactly..know what that is.."
You heard Ludwig laugh, while he began to take his top off, giving you a nice view of the upper half of his body.
"'ll find out~"
Lillian Howard is a fake name XD Sorry if thats your name..or you like the name lillian..or howard..

YAY I'M NOT DEAD :dummy: just haven't been working as much as I should..

Sorry about the ending...(so cracky)-_- I had a good idea going then I totally forgot..I'm sorry for to many things...

Spelling errors..I think the world will not die if there are ;P (and due to how fast I wrote this and how tired I am..cut me some slack if you will) (I'll check over it later and fix it don't worry)
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LillysHere Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015  Student General Artist
My name is Lillian......well better change my name!
newmanh Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015
That reminds me of a sign I saw in a store once. It said "We don't skinny dip, we chunky dunk"
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pfft I'm half german. not fat, muscular. I could lift those weights easy peasy XD
Kimiwaruiimouto Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Believe me when i tell you, i cried almost the whole time while reading this. :')
What is skinny dipping? My first language is french.
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Ludwig: Lud-miester? Vhat...?
hellgirl1998 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Joon: Bitch Please Im Fabulous XD EXO : Baekhyun WI 
Nightmare1301 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014
I loved this story
First of all I am happy with the way I am and I don't need some skinny a*s b*tch to say that I'm a cow when she's the sh*t sponge with a flat butt she's so skinny if I sit on her I break her spin and I'm part German so me an Germany are tight!!!!! Love the story btw
mabecky12 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
I maybe half german but I agree little cotton mouths like those 2 in the story aint got sh!t on me
Half Germans unight!!!!!
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It's not called being fat it's called being FABULOUS ((or fluffy but fabulous is a awesome word))
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Cows are actually sacred in India, so I would definitely take that as a compliment!
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Dude, when i was reading this i was every time like : I AM GOING TO FUCKIN' SHOVE MY FIST ON THAT MOTHER FUCKIN' FUCKIN' BITCH BECAUSE SHE IS ANNOYING ME TO FUCKIN' HELL. or like: BITCH PLEASE, SHUT THE FUCK UP IF YOU DONT WANT TO DIE.[imagine that with a Scottish accent]  (All that because of Lillian)
Anyways, I loved your fanfic~I wish I could write like ye~

silvazerock Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I can imagine that especially the Scottish accent cause im scottish its pretty easy
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I was called tank in middle school, along with other words. We are people so mean?
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Intend of ugly snake I would say ugly stick bitch...and kill her. Also the stick bitch leader at my school is named Lillian.
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First I love the story but I would say (excuse the language) " Oh bitch please at least I ain't stick "
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What happens when people call me fat:

Me: :iconwthplz: Psh. Please. You wish you had my awesomeness!!! YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT DUDE!!! SUCK IT. *throws pencils at them*

So yeah...

This was sweet.;w; I need to meet more guys like Ludwig...
1meh8 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
There are! somewhere in the world....
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