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October 14, 2012
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"Today is the day--no."
You cleared your throat.
"Today is the-akk no."
You took a quick glance at your paper and looked up at the wall again.
"Today is the day of-"
You turned with a half lidded expression to see Alfred Jones standing in the doorway after literally slamming it open.
"Today is the day of rememberance because of-"
"Dude..what are you doing?"
You looked right up to see Alfred looking right over your shoulder. It made you jump a little.
"Trying to be prepared for my speech.." you replied trying to let out your last bit of nervousness. It was your speech on (special holiday or day) and how important it was. You also had to say it in front of the class-which was making you nervous. It was also of course this period, and you didn't know how to word it. It all began to sound dumb.
"You look frusterated..." Alfred began. "Hey! We should do something to pass time!"
He looked at your (e/c)eyes not even noticing your angered expression.
"I'm TRYING to work on my speech here."
You literally wanted to face palm right there.
"I need to get my mind off being nervous and onto THIS." you flashed him the paper.
For some reason, Alfred put his arm around you and his bot breath tickled the back of your neck. He was usually close, but this time was different. There was a short pause before..
"Let's make up dirty words!"
You returned to your angered face.
"If you do..I'll buy you lunch tomorrow."
"Not at Macdonalds?"
"...yes..." Alfred managed to squeak, before you grinned.
"Okay. How hard can this be?"


     "All you have to do is say a word that sounds dirty, and the definition, and try not to laugh."
You raised an eyebrow.
"I thought you said make up dirty words."
"Nahh bro."
You sighed with a smile before looking into his blue eyes. He was so happy and peaceful. If only you could feel like that right now.
"I'll go fist." you said before the american could speak.
Alfred forze, trying not to burst into laughter like he always did.
"It means two adjacent vowel sounds occurring within the same syllable."
"Cool dude." Alfred replied keeping a straight face. He looked pretty hot when he was laidback.
You coughed a little, holding in a tiny laugh that was trying to seap out of your laugh box.[1]
"It's a planet."
You wanted to smart-mouth him, but decided not to. You were beginning to stare at him-almost lusting over him. He didn't seem to noticed until a few seconds later when he finally saw you nearly drooling at him.
"(your name), I know I'm cute, but it's your turn."
A large blush covered your face before finally speaking.
"Penal means of or pertaining to punishment, to penalties, or to crimes and offenses; pertaining to criminal jurisprudence."
"Penal." Alfred smiled. "That's funny."
"Masticate means to grind or something like that." you said, hoping he would laugh. Yet he didn't.
He just sat there looking gorgeous as ever.
"What about manhole, it's the hole that leads to the sewer." he said moving some hair from his face.
"Is that even funny.." you questioned.
He laughed. Full out laughed.
"I like you (your name)." he replied before leaning near you. "But I got something that might make you laugh."
You decided to play alone and leaned in so your lips-I MEAN FACES-were only inches away.
"Would you like to ride on my joystick (your name)?~"
As if you thought you'd never see the began to laugh. You were laughing to hard your stomach began to turn and you almost fell out of your chair.
"THAT was dirty Alfred."
"I know." the american shrugged. "I didn't think it was though.."
Your eyes widened as you gave him a puzzled look.
He leaned in, and slowly pressed his lips to yours in a happy kiss. In only seconds, there was so much passion that hardly Shakespeare could handle it. Your tounges were running into eachother as you tried to get as deep into the kiss as you could. Hair was being tossled and somewhat pulled. A few moans escaped but very low. After moments passed you looked back at eachother with saliva trailing down you chins and some sliding down onto your neck. You didn't realize what you had done until it was over.
"That was.."
"Crazy dude.." Alfred smiled lightly. He hadn't realized what he had been doing either. He was so into it that he didn't even care.
You shook your head happily and kissed him again brining his saliva covered lips back to yours. While sitting on his lap 'making out' truth be told the aweesome Prussia, was watching you two as he peered around the door.
Breaking apart and nearly falling out of his lap-lucky he had a tight grip on you-you looked back to see Gilbet watching you with a lousy grin on his face. He was also laughing.
"Not on your life.." you laughed, just as Alfred turned your head back to him and kissed you again.
"OOOO GUYS! TEACHERS COMING!" Gilbert called, before dissapering out of the room. You quickly got off of Alfred and sat back in your dest wiping what saliva was on your face. You teacher looked at the two of you and smirked.
"What..hahh? A...nevermind.." she chuckled a little before setting her back on her desk, and taking off her coat.
"Be right back." She replied before leaving the room again.
Alfred wrapped his arm aroudn you and kissed your cheek.
"I'm the hero." he flashed you a toothy smile. It was so random, but you loved it.
"I know.." you giggled. "Your the hero. Your my hero Alfred."


   It was now time to start your speech. Nervously, you got up in front of the class and swallowed hard. You saw Alfred smiling at you as you tried to hide your red cheeks behind your cards.
"Whenever your ready (your name)." your teacher said as she straightened her papers and laid herself back. You swallowed again, trying to keep your throat from becoming dry.
"Today is the day of-"
"Mrs. (last name)!!" Alfred called.
Everyone looked back at him, and your face became red-little with nervousness but more with anger now-as your teacher sighed.
"Yes Alfred."
"I need to use the poop-deck!"
Everyone but you and the teacher laughed.
ehe..heres ANOTHER AmericaxReader XD

its because hes one of my many fave characters...:iconsulkplz:
srry if he's OOC in this one...and forgot to add: [1]=laugh box was from spongebob XD

Image owned by image owner..
America belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to :iconsexyamericaplz:
I belong to :iconsexyiggyplz:
and WE belong to :iconsexyrussiaplz:
~and :iconsexyprussiaplz: is to awesome to be owned.
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