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"Francis, is it true french people drink wine like water?"

The blond haired french-man looked over at his friend (your name), and a smile appeared on his face.

"Well I love za wine~" he laughed. "But non. It's not drunk like water-"

"Is is true french wash less often than others?"

He nearly screamed. Well he did, just in a non-many way.

"Zat is not true (your name)! I love to be clean!" he flipped his hair with a wink, making (your name) smrik and turn back into her seat.

"What are you doing anyway?" Francis peered over his friends shoulder to see 'French Stereotypes' on the screen. He didn't seem to happy about it.

"(Your name) don't tell me your-"

"Is it true french people are rude and racist?"

"NON!" Francis shouted, a little more angry than girly this time.

"Well is it true french always eat frogs all the time?"

Francis sighed, and just answered the questions.

"Zat is not true either."

(Your name) sighed, and began to tap her fingers along the desk. To Francis, he thought it was pretty sexy.


Without a word, the frenchman picked up 'his' (your name), and raced her up into his bedroom, a big grin on his face the whole.

Once he locked the door, (your name) raised an eyebrow.

"Want to know one thing zat is true (your name)?"

He crawled on top of her in the bed and leaned in close to her ear, making her shiver a little.

"WE french can be veeery sexy~"

British Stereotypes: [link]
American Stereotypes: [link]
German Stereotypes: [link]
Canadian Stereotypes: [link]
Russian Stereotypes: [link]
Italian Stereotypes: [link]
Norwegian Stereotypes: [link]
Scottish Stereotypes: [link]
Japanese Stereotypes: [link]
Chinese Stereotypes: [link]
Icelandic Stereotypes: [link]
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