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September 25, 2013
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It had been weeks since you visited your friend Tino, and since Berwald was technically 'away' for a few days, now would be the perfect to see him alone.
And you had some..things you wanted to show him.
And if Berwald were there things could get...awkward. So it was best he wasn't there.
You stumbled onto the Finnish man's doorway and knocked softly.

Not a moment to soon, he opened the door with a signature smile, the usual smile he had around you.
"Ahh (Name) your here!" he said brightly allowing you inside. "I've missed you!"

"Me too." you smiled back, watching him fumble a little with his necktie and watch you sit down in the living room. The black book in your hands made his brow raise.
"What's that?"

You giggled a little.

"Nothing important. But come, sit, I want to ask you a few things."

Without hesitation, he sat down, and waiting for you to begin.
You cleared your throat, and opened the book and gave him a little glance. His expression was completely normal, although he had a light pink dusted on his cheeks.

"Tino," you began, "do all Finnish people dance tango?"

Your eyes moved to meet his, watching him scratch his head.
He looked utterly puzzled.

"Uhh..what is that supposed to mean (Name)?" he asked.

"Let's move along then." you 'fake' cleared your throat again.

"Finnish people love to sing karaoke? That true?"

Tino started at you with wide eyes.

"Uhh.." for the fist time ever, you finally make him tongue tied. He usually acted that way around Berwald, but when he was around you couldn't even get close to Tino.
You hated it.

"Haha!" you laughed covering you face. "Next question!"

"(Name) why are you asking me about stereotypes about my country?" he asked softly.

"Moving on!" you continued anyway, "Finnish people drink to!" you even forgot that stereotype was written.

Tino face palmed.

"W-well." he stuttered, shifting uncomfortably. It made you feel a little upset to see him that way, but you wanted to finish the rest of the stereotypes.

"Let's just....move on then.." you mumbled your gaze shifting from him, back to the page.

"(Name) this is-"

"Finnish people are shy and rude." said that a little bluntly.

And the look on Tino's face made you scared. Literally.

"What." he said in a low voice.

"Heh..." you chuckled falsely. "Silly stereotypes! Well it's not true so oh well!"
You tried your best to move on, but he still looked deeply upset.

"People think I'm....shy and rude?" he blinked.

"Well I don't think that." you scooted closer to him and rubbed his knee. "I think your great the way you are."

Tino put his hand on yours and smiled softly.

"Thank you (Name).." he said, his voice trailing off as he looked at you.

You bit your lip and took your hand off his knee. Berwald would have been mad.

"Y-yes.." you asked quietly.

You tried to look away from him, but his hand pulled your face toward his, and a soft pair of lips landed on yours. A sweet kiss was being shared and your mind was about to explode from how amazing it felt.
His lips were so soft and sweet as they melted with yours perfectly.
Before you knew it, hands began to trace your body, leaving them at the end of your back while your hands were around his neck.

As you pulled apart, the sudden urge to kiss again came to your mind. But something stopped you.

He looked a little embarrassed, blushing and looking away.
"T-that was very inappropriate of me (Name)..I'm very sorry for-"
"No. Tino. What about Berwald?"

His eyes widened and he looked back at you as you bit your lip softly.

"Well.." he began. "I'm not sure. But we can live in the moment can't we?" he smiled.
The same, lovely, amazing, smile that got you every time.
For years you only wanted that smile to be for you.
And seemed like it was.

His lips moved to your ear as he whispered softly; "What Berwald doesn't know won't kill him."

It was your turn to blush, as you traced his face with your fingers.

"You sure?"

He kissed your forehead.

I'm sort of on hiatus, yes, you can de-watch me now.

I found the 'stereotypes' on this site:… xD

As much as I want him, Tino from Hetalia isn't mine!

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