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"Stop it.."
"Stop...all of you!"
"What if (your name) doesn't..."
England, was preparing something special for you, on account it had been a full year since you two became friends. He invited you over for tea, and you were going to be over in almost an hour. Now, before this, some of his magical friends came by and decided to visit him. So far, things weren't working out.
"Be quiet!"
Arthur began to pout before setting a tea bag into the pot he was using. He set up two cups on a nice try with little scones and biscuits. He smiled thinking of you enjoying them. He rememberd the day he first met you. The day you asked him for some paper at the world meeting. You got into a conversation after he asked; "Why? Nothing's important about meetings anyway." and became good friends after that. You were able to get along with Sealand better then he could, even America noticed how much you two spent together. Most countires would whisper around and say you were a couple, but you and Arthur-without eachother knowing-sadly replied yes.
Arthur didn't care wether you were big or skinny, or even in the middle. He didn't care if you became blind or couldn't even talk to him. You would always be his friends. He didn't care if you were taller, shorter, or the same height as he was. You were (your name) to him. Your name meant the world.
"She'll be here soon (nickname you call Arthur)~"
"Shush flying mint bunny! Can't you wankers see I'm thinking!"
Without a care of his red face, flying mint bunny whispered into his ear.
"About (your name)~"
Arthur told flying mint bunny, and his other friends that he really liked you. Now, before you would come over, or he would go to see you, they would try their hardest to make him blush or emberass himself.
"Quiet!" Arthur snapped, before entering the front roomááand seeing (your name), walk past his frost window. Within a few seconds the knock came and Arthur let out a quick sigh before opening the door.
"(Your name)!" he replied as if he didn't expect you to show. "Come in."
You gave him a nice smile and sat down with him.
You were wearing a dress, with lots of (f/c) and (2f/c) that matched your (e/c) eyes perfectly. You were wearing black flats and, and (makeup you wear).
"Arthur! Is Mint bunny here!"
Arthur grumbled silently before smiling at you.
"I say hello!" Flying mint bunny entered the room. "Gosh she looks pretty!"
"She looks pretty all the time.." Arthur whispered before putting his hands together.
"Tea (your name)?"


áááá(Your name) nibbled onto a peice of a scone delightfully as she took a sip of her tea after. Her (e/c) eyes gazed to Arthur after, who was chewing on his and swallong somewhat nervously. He wanted to get into conversation, but didn't exactly know what to say.
"She nibbles funny.." a fairy behind Arthur replied.
"Indeed." then flying mint bunny got an idea.
Seeing Arthur blush so much, a grin preformed on the mint bunny's face. The fairy behind Arthur leaned into closer to hear what the mint bunny was saying...


áááááá"Look at her go.."
"Dayum! She swallows well!"
Flying Mint bunny, and the fairy named (whatever you want) disgussed. Arthur, was trying as hard as he could not to pay attention to them, yet the whole point of it all was to. Flying mint bunny thought it would be good to give Arthur some...'dirty thoughts' and maybe get him closer to (your name).
"Ehehe." (fairy's name) giggled. "She IS a good swallower!"
They watched as (your name) took her tea and drank some of it. Arthur was now paying attention to the was is flowed into her mouth, and her neck move a little as is went down. His face became light red, and wipped his forhead of sweat. Mint bunny and the fairy tried to hold in their laughs. They needed something to say..
"Arthur!" (fairy's name) replied. "Give her some candies!"
Arthur smiled at the idea, thinking it was for good...but...

~~~~~few mintues later~~~~~~

áááá"WOW! LOOK AT HER SUCK!" flying mint bunny shouted in his/her? highpitched voice. (fairy's name) began to laugh.
"I bet she's had practice!"
"On what?"
Mint bunny looked at the fairy in confusion-but also as part of the plan. Arthur was looking at (your name) but his brain was focused on the two's conversation behind him.
"Maybe she pretends she sucking on Arthur's.."
She paused, and wathced as Arthur's face heated up, and a blush creeped onto his face.
"SUCKING HIS WHAT?!" Mint bunny shouted.
Even though (your name) couldn't hear them, Arthur sure as hell could. Arthur's face twitched.
"Shut up you wankers!" he shouted, before noticing (your name) looking at him.
"Just mint bunny!" he chuckled, and you two went back to eating.


áááááááMoments passed, and you two began to play a game. You decided to play outside on a nice table while still drinking tea. Of course, Mint bunny and (fairy's name) wer still plotting.
"Ooo...she's got nice legs.."
Arthurs eyes focused onto your legs.
"And nice hair.."
His eyes movied to your hair.
"Her (e/c) eyes are so pretty.."
His emerald eyes looked at your (e/c) ones as you plotted your move the chess board.
"WOW, her boobs are huge!"
Arthur's eyes looked to your chest, then looked away, trying to conceal his blush. You held your right hand in your elbow while trying to think, causing your boobs to somewhat squish together. Arthur hadn't realized until...
"I wonder what she would look like in a maid outfit." mint bunny replied.
"No! What is she was in a fairy outfit!"
"Noo! What if she was in a bikini!"
Arthur couldn't stop thinking about you now. He kept imagining you in a sexy maid's outfit, then a sly cat's costume, then a..bikini. You didn't even have a clue what was going on in his mind.
"I wonder what she'd be like in bed."
Arthur's face became ruby red.
"Yes! With only candles and only a bra and undies!"
'Those two...' Arthur thought.
'Only bra and undies? Not even! What about nothing!"
"QUIET YOU TWO! YOUR MAKING ME NAUTIOUS!" Arthur shouted with a red face, feeling the bulge in his pants tighten. He turned back to see (your name) looking right into his eyes.
"Arthur..what are they saying.."
"You should kiss her.." mint bunny whispered.
"Feel her lips on yours.." the fairy mumbled.
"Your tounge in her mouth.."
"Mmm...Arthur~" mint bunny tried to immatate your voice, and nearly had it.
Without another word Arthur pounced on top of you and smashed his lips onto yours, sinking his tounge into your mouth. You didn't hesitate either, and kissed him back even though he was on top of you.
Flying mint bunny and the fairy smiled, and high-fived eachother. Their work was done. When Arthur finally ran out of breath and broke apart he looked away and stood up.
"I-I-I'm sorry (your name).." he straighted his tie. Smirking, you stood up.
You pulled on the tie he had just straightened, and pulled him back onto your lips. Feeling his soft blond hair, you smiled and broke apart, leaving Arthur a little dumbfounded.
"What..DID..they say to you?"
He smirked, and began to pull off your dress.
"Dirty things, love~"'s a not a lemon lovers :P


I was TRYING to fix a spelling mistake..(i HATE this new update) and NOW it won't put it back to moderate mature content. It keeps going to Strict..and its not! So it's just open now! so READ THE WARNING!

England belongs to: Hidekaz Himaruya
YOU belong to: :iconsexyiggyplz:
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