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You sighed, ripping your favorite top over your shoulders and throwing it across the room. It wasn't your favorite anymore, after feeling so disgusted with yourself. For at least twenty mintues, you kept glancing at yourself, as if wishing the extra fat on your body would just vanish.
Why couldn't they invent a machine that magically made you skinny? you sighed, eyeing yourself from head to toe, wishing it was gone.
However this sadening behaviour didn't just happen on purpose, it was more because of your best friend Alfred, whom you'd also developed a major crush on. He was just perfect in every way from his funny loud personality, to his cute smile that never seemed to fade. Even his little cowlick, and huge appetite for burgers and soda, you loved him anyway. Sure that was great and all but...who would love you? Or so you thought.
Being the chubby girl-surrounded by a bunch of short and tiny skinny girls-wasn't exactly easy sometimes. During a few health classes, the teachers would talk about 'overwheight' matters and went on to say how unhealthy it is and blah blah blah (your teacher was a fitness-a-holic btw). It just ended with the whole class giving you glances, and some whispering to eachother. You hated it, so you skipped the rest of health.
Your friend was skinnier, but she never said anything bad. She was actually very nice, but she alone couldn't stop the many other people who thought differently.
Throwing on another shirt, you gave a few little poses and turns to hopefully feel 'better', but it didn't work. It was then your cell, at the other end of the room began to vibrate, causing you to groan and give it your attention.
"Hello?" you asked, sounding a little more uptight that usual.  
That of course: was Alfred Jones himself.
"Hmm..what?" you began to rub your eyes, before being shot open by his overpowering voice.
"YOU NEED TO GET OVER HERE IT'S BURGER NIGHT REMEMBER??!" he sounded a mixture of upset, and excited. A weird combo, but it was Alfred.
"Oh..yeah.." you sighed, pulling out your bag of makeup and fishing out a tube of lip-gloss and eyeliner, while holding the phone in your other hand.
"You don't sound very happy dudette..anything wrong?" Alfred's voice just changed within a few seconds, after hearing how unhappy you sounded.
"Yeah, I'm fine I just forgot." you lied, pulling out some foundation, followed by mascara.
"Okay then..I have lots here don't worry I won't eat them all!" he laughed on the other end, causing you to just crack a smirk.
Burger night was every friday. The day you would always and I mean ALWAYS, go over to Alfred's and have a nice burger meal and watch a movie. This time, you felt like you'd vomit if you ate a bite of anything. All the diet tips you were taking off the internet weren't exactly the right ones. It been since morning that you'd even have a bite to eat. All you had throughout the day was two crackers and a few bits of cereal. Your stomach was rumbling effortlessly, but you continued to ignore it.
"I'll be over soon Alfred." you tried to sound hopeful, before ending the call and letting a few tears run down your cheeks.


       Alfred opened the door to reveal none other than yourself, causing a bright smile to come to his face.
"(NAME)!" he pulled you into a tight hug, causing you to lightly blush, and feel even more insecure.
"You finally showed up! It took me nearly three cans of coke to avoid eating anything!" he laughed, leading you into the nice kitchen he had.
"Al.." you began, only to be hushed by him.
"Looooook!" he sung happily, showing you a nice looking plate of hamburgers.
"There's tons for me..AND you!" he smiled brightly, only to instantly frown when he saw your sad face.
"I don't want any burgers." you replied, beginning to twiddle with your fingers and avoided eye contact.
Alfred didn't buy any of it, instead walked up to you and looked closely into your eyes.
"What aren't you telling me (Name)? You seem sad."
You couldn't help but feel tears start to form in your eyes, as you turned away from him.
"I don't want any burgers Alfred..their fattening."
He glanced from the yummy plate, back to you: whom was still trying to hide the tears threatening to come.
"(Name) you never miss burger night! You never forget it or..not skip out on it! So what's wrong??"
If only you just tell him..but it didn't work like that.
If you did he'd only say 'Your not fat' or 'Your fine the way you are' and try to make you feel better. You didn't want that, you wanted him.
"I'm sorry. You can have them." you reassured, pretending to itch your eye when you were actually wiping away a tear.
"I don't want them all. I like sharing them with you." Alfred replied, taking your hand softly.
"Don't Alfred. I don't want to get any fatter.."
"Your not fat (Name).."
"Who says?!" you argued suddenly, crossing your arms. "Look at me.."
Alfres suddenly jerked your body so it was facing towards him.
"I already am." he said, before carefully placing his lips on yours in a sweet kiss.
There was a few moments to sweet pleasure, before he slowly pulled away, looking into your (e/c) eyes.
"I think your wonderful (Name)." he said, smiling after.
"You think so?" you tried not to act pushy, but you really wanted to know the truth.
He laughed, before wrapping an arm around you.
"(Name), I wouldn't have said that if I didn't mean it! NOW LET'S GO EAT SOME BURGERS!!"
And of smiled and agreed.


   After finishing your meal, you went straight into the bathroom to look at yourself.
Dammit..why did I listen to him.. you thought, feeling as if the burgers were already putting more pounds onto you. But for the most part, your stomach stopped growling.
"(Name), you commin' to watch the movie??" you heard Alfred shout from the other room.
"In a sec!" you called back, flipping your large hoodie over your body to cover yourself, before making your way into the living room where Alfred sat waiting for you.
He patted the seat next to him, only to have you sit on the other end of the couch.
"(Name), sit over here with me!" he whined.
"I'm okay here.." was you only reply, of course Alfred didn't care.
"SIT WITH ME WOMAN!" he shouted, before picking you up, and setting you on his lap, watching you squirm around trying to break free.
"No." he said sternly, causing you to pause and look at him. He was being completely serious.
Then he began to sniff your hair and nuzzle his face into your neck.
"I'm not letting go~"
"Please don't.."
"Don't what?" he looked up at you with a goofy smile. He took off his glasses, and set them on the little coffee table next to him. "Hmm?"
It was then you felt like you couldn't say anything.
With that, he continued to bury his face in your hair, and give an odd kiss along your jaw or chin evey so often. You began to feel comfortable.
After a few more minutes of just being like that you leaned into his chest, and heard him grunt.
Perking up, you began to panic.
"I-I'm sorry! Am I to heavy?! I'll hop off-"
Before you could make a move, he pulled you back into his chest and rubbed his cheek against yours.
"Nope.." he said. "I forgot my phone was in my back pocket." he chuckled, setting it beside his glasses, as the movie got into his 'big dramatic moment'.
It was then something began to vibrate. You both turned to see Alfred had gotten a text.
When he glanced at it, you noticed who it was from.

From: Amelia Hart To: Alfred Jones

Hey Alfie~ Want to chill at my place tonight?? <3

The thought of her just texting that to him-all flirty and giggling about how awesome she was-made you want to puke.
Feeling a little upset, you turned away, only to look back again, watching him text back:

To: Amelia Hart From: Alfred Jones

 No thanks, I'm already havin the best night of life

Seeing his reply made you wonder how Amelia--the apparent 'hottest girl in school'-- would react getting denied by the hottest guy in school. You smiled at the though of her screaming and smashing a mirror or breaking a nail and crying to herself.
After he set the phone back down you cuddled back into him while he tightened his grip on you.
"(Name)?" he asked quietly, causing you to look from the movie to him.
He was so fast you hardly noticed, when he captured your lips in another sweet kiss. It instantly took off, ending up more passionate as he pushed his tounge into your mouth and rubbig your back softly.
You moaned softly, giving him the impression you were enjoying it, and began to kiss softly down your neck, and purred slowly giving you shivers. Once you two finished your happy make-out session, he smiled and placed his forhead on yours.
"Your so perfect."
You blushed a little, and avoided his eyes until he said your name again.
Seeing his cute blue eyes, it made you want to just love him up right there and then.
"I love you.." he mumbled quietly, seeming to lack the ability to say the words you thought you'd never hear.
Giving him a bright smile, you instantly pulled him into a kiss and felt his hands snake down and began to rub your thighs.
"I love you to Alfred!" you giggled excitedly, feeling so overjoyed, and having no other way to contain it.
Alfred then hugged you tighter and let out a sigh.
"Sure you do dudette." he began to laugh. "Who doesn't love the hero~" he winked, before you hit him playfully with a pillow.
"Come catch me Mr. Hero." you said sensually, before racing off upstairs into his room, where a nice soft bed was waiting.
"You can't beat me (Name)! I'm coming!!" Alfred calling happily after you, knowing both of you finally had a courage to admit your feelings, and it turned out for the better in the end!


 Watching your little girl (daughter's name), make her way down the street and towards the bus stop, you felt a little tear slip from your eye, then quickly wiped it away.
Suddenly, two arms wrap themselves around your waist, before you turned to meet the eyes of your lover.
"She's sooooo gunna' be popular like me!" Alfred boasted, resting his chin on your shoulder.
"Maybe she'll be (popular/shy/normal) like me." you sighed, placing your hands over your husbands.
"Hey (Name)."
You turned to see Alfred moving his eye brows up and down, and gave a sexy wink.
"It's know what that means?"
Rolling your eyes playfully, you both went back inside the house.
"Burger night?" you guessed sarcastically, moving in and kissing your husband softly on the lips.
"Mhmmmmmm." Alfred winked again. "Annnnnnnd I have other plans as well~"
With that, he swooped you up into his arms and began to carry you up the stiars to your bedroom.
From that day on, Friday was your favorite day of the week.
Finally decided to contribute to the chubby!reader fics :3

They need more of theese!~:heart:
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hetaliaalfredfjones Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
My friends say that I'm perfectly fine, but I think that me being fat has stopped me from being in a relationship. I'm like 5' 5 and 160 lbs. Is that bad?
Pandy1031 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 22, 2015  Student General Artist're normal. You just got a little stomach on you. Unlike you I'm 5'4' and 180. I wear frickin guys clothes because I'm too insecure about my body.
Renjisloyalservant Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I feel your pain. Same height AND weight.
Alex42159 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
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I am a heavier set girl and I... freaking... LOVE America/Alfred. I have done the whole dieting scene went anorexic once (It didn't last long, maybe a week and a half of barely even looking at food, before my mom noticed and started shoving food in my face) over exorcised while not eating right. Anything to lose that extra fat. Nothing really worked and I got very upset. So my personality totally merged with the character.
Alfred~ <3 ugh, words cannot describe my love for that character!
Thank you for posting this~
1meh8 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
AMG Alfie
Well...I was getting sick of reading fics about reader having
'body of a godess' and 'perfect curves' nothing
is wrong with that...but that's definetly not me :D
ChishioShadou Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
WOO~! You know...I've never actually had Nutella before :( but I will stick with the analogy ^_^
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I don't get iiiiit D: Why?
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I don't have a grudge on her! XD
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Ohh, your reasoning makes sense. But I must admit I'm glad you don't hate her!
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