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“Yao can you make more of these?” an English head peered around the corner of the kitchen, still trying to finish his last dumpling.

“Arrg!” the Chinese man groaned, wishing he could just chuck the stirring spoon he was holding across the room. “Coming up...” he finally sighed, knowing raging wouldn't solve his problems.

He was supposed to be 'nice' to the other countries, but he didn't think that would end up having to serve them left right and centre.

“Right!” the Englishman grinned, before returning into the other room.

Moments after, Yao finally began to calm down until a certain person entered the room with a giant grin on their face. That person, was none other than (First name) (Last name), who had some fun questions she wanted answered.

“HEY YAO!!” she shouted excitedly in his ear, only it ended with him getting scared, and spilling a whole new plate of dumplings on the ground.

There was a moment of silence, as if they were having some kind of memorial for the now useless dumplings. However that didn't stop (your name).

“Can I ask you a few questions??” she asked eagerly, sounding as if she was going to have a nervous breakdown if he didn't.

Yao sighed impatiently, before nodding the girl to go on. They were good friends of course, actually, really close friends. Just Yao wasn't in a very happy mood. He felt like punching a wall or two.

“Well..” (your name) began, meddling with her fingers a little. “Is it true every Chinese person knows kung fu?”

Yao raised an eyebrow, but deciding not to bother arguing, he just answered.

“No. Not every Chinese person aru.”

Nodding, she just went on, even pulling out a small note book and a pen.

“Is is true all Chinese people are good at math?”

Yao mentally face palmed, but looked at (your name)'s face to see her smiling and made his heart melt.

“No aru!” he laughed. “One whole country and it's people cannot be good at the same thing.”

(Your name) just nodded again, in an understanding way.

“Is it true all Asians are short and thin?”

“I THOUGHT YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT CHINA?!” Yao asked loudly, trying to keep his cool.

(Your name) just giggled at his slight angry tone.

“Well, you know what I mean.”

“There are a lot of 'smaller' body types.” Yao huffed, looking down to realize he forgot to put all the dumplings in the garbage. But not before a British voice was heard from the other room.

“Those dumping coming Yao?” he asked, sounding impatient, making Yao's face turn slightly pink with anger. Even (your name) noticed this.

As Yao was about to put the first dumping in the trash can, (your name) took the dumpling from his hand and placed it back on it's original plate.

“(Your name) those are-”

“I know.” she laughed, picking up a few more off the table and putting it back on the plate. “He won't notice will he?”

Yao smirked, and joined her in picking up the remaining dumplings off the floor.

“Have any more questions (your name)?”

She put a finger to her chin to symbolize she was thinking.

“Is is true Chinese..or most Asians are smarter than white people?”

Yao laughed out loud at that one.

“I don't think so aru. It's just a stereotype.”

“I know.” she smiled proudly. “I just had to check.”

Once the last dumping was picked up, Yao went to take the tray to Arthur in the other room, giving (your name) a wink on his way by.

“Once more question Yao.”

With that, he turned just to catch her last question.

“Is it true Chinese men have small penises?”

His mouth dropped open, just as Arthur opened the door to the kitchen to see Yao holding a nice big plate of juicy dumplings.

“Ahh it's about time!” he smiled, taking the whole try and leaving. Not even a thank you followed.

Yao turned to (your name), to see her laughing her loudest, covering her mouth at times to muffle how 'hilarious' she thought it was. He had no idea that his face was red with embarrassment.

Then an interesting idea came to his head, causing him to smirk.

“Hey (your name)?”

She looked at up, wiping away a tear from her laughing fit to see him standing right in front of her with the big smirk on his face. It was her turn to blush, seeing how damn hot be looked, just staring at her like that.

Kneeling down to her height, he took her hand and began to pull her down the hall and upstairs.

“W-where are we going Yao?” she asked, feeling her blush rising.

“Well aru, you think we Chinese have now your going to test that theory~”

She couldn't help but smile at his nervousness, but ended up blushing harder knowing what he meant.

Luckily Arthur was to busy downstairs eating his dumplings, not even knowing two things. One, they had been on the floor and two....that floor hadn't been washed in a while.
China as requested by some of you :) NEXT IS ICEY :iconyayicelandplz: and the awesome Prussia :iconyayprussiaplz:

HAHA..why not give Iggy some hassle XD but Honestly I think this one was BY FAR the most fun to do :)

British Stereotypes: [link]
American Stereotypes: [link]
German Stereotypes: [link]
Canadian Stereotypes: [link]
Russian Stereotypes: [link]
Italian Stereotypes: [link]
French Stereotypes: [link]
Norwegian Stereotypes: [link]
Japanese Stereotypes: [link]
Scottish Stereotypes: [link]
Icelandic Stereotypes: [link]

image not mine.
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