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"Do canadians kids ride polar bears to school?"

Matthew Williams, also known as Canada, peered up from his newspaper to look at his friend, (your name) glaring into the computer screen in front of her.

" (your name), we don't ride polar bears at all." he said, flipping to a new page without hassle.

"Okay." she sighed, making a funny shape with her tounge while waiting for the next page to load. Matthew gave her a little look before looking back blushing. She's so damn cute, he thought.

"Do canadians play hockey all the time?"

Matthew gave a puzzling look before finally answering.

"N-no. Some don't play hockey at all much less every-"

"Is it true you put mayple syrup on everything?"

Matthew turned lightly pink, becayse of the horrible stereotypicalism. Did people really think that about canadians? Nobody remembered him anyway so what did it matter? What was worse to him now what was (your name) thought of him.

"Do canadians give people whatever they want because their 'soo' nice?" (your name) asked, giving her hair a little flip, making Matthew wish he could pin you down right there. He couldn't do that all honestly he was to nice.

"We don't give people WHATEVER they want uh--"

"Canadians always say eh? Yeah?" (your name) giggled. "You DO say 'eh' all the time Mattie."

The canadian blushed a little more at her happy giggle.

"I supposed all this really ne-"

"It is true Canadiens always eat tim hortons and drink coffee?"

Matthew mentally face palmed, before getting up and walking over to (your name) and the computer.

"Of course not (your name)! Who said that?!"

(Your name) giggled again turning to the shy canadian and pointing to the page. He leaned in to see 'Canadian stereotypes'. He smirked slighly.

"Eh (your name)?"

(Your name) turned to see Matthew nearly face to face with her. She began to turn a light shade of red.


"You know it's cold here a lot eh~" he smiled, taking her hand and pulling her up the stairs and into his bedroom. With that he pulled her into the bed before kissing her deeply, making them both turn red. Once they parted, (your name) began to pout.

It wasn't until Matthew began to undress himself before her she felt as if a nosebleed was comming on. Matthew then finished his sentence.

"So I know how to warm things up (your name)~"
fahking thing deleted when I was mostly done. So i had to redo it.

American Stereotypes: [link]
British Stereotypes: [link]
German Steretypes: [link]
Russian Stereotypes: [link]
Italian Stereotypes: [link]
French Stereotypes: [link]
Norwegian Stereotypes: [link]
Scottish Stereotypes: [link]
Japanese Stereotypes: [link]
Chinese Stereotypes: [link]
Icelandic Stereotypes: [link]

image not mine.
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