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February 24, 2013
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Your heard perked up, as he enetered the cafeteria. 'He', being the white haired new kid from Prussia, named Gilbert Beilschmidt. For being the new kid, he was quite popular. Already friends with just about everyone, already had a pretty girlfriend, and nominated for School president. It was worse, because he knew you too. Although it was quite rare, you two often spoke to him during your manditory French class-since he was new and didn't speak a word of French-because you were a lot better than he was. And it was the only class he didn't have his annoying bossy girlfriend Rosalita.
Back to the cafetaria scene, he walked in holding Rosalita's hand, and laughing along with his many 'new' friends. To you, he was just a hot shot who needed to be taken down a notch. Taking a bite of your sandwhich, you saw your only friends Lukas, and Emil come sit next to you. They were brothers, but also new. They didn't know as many people as Gilbert, and they were always so quiet.
"What are you staring at (Name)?" Emil raised an eyebrow, pulling out his snacks and drink.
You rolled your eyes and looked away from the handsome white haired boy.
Lukas grunted, swallowing the food he'd been chewing.
Not bothering to argue, you just slammed your fists on the table and growled.
"He doesn't deserve all the attention! He's annoying, and rude, and has an annoying voice.."
Emil and Lukas looked at eachother, then back to you-who was pouting like a child.
"You don't know anything about him." Emil replied. "Why are you so quick to judge him?"
Your eyes moved back to him, and suddenly you noticed him looking..right back at you. His face literally monotone..looking at you like he'd just fallen in love.
You deicded to look away frist, seeing his stupid girlfriend randomly planting kisses over his face.
"I wanna know what made him so great." you reply, although you had no idea if either of the brothers were listening.
"What if you spent a day in his shoes?" Lukas asked, his turn to raise an eyebrow. You crossed your arms, seeing Gilbert and his group cut past a few members of the art club.
"I sure would like to. Then I'd tell everyone what a fake he is."
You grabbed your juice box and sucked out the rest of the juice angrily.


   "(Name) what doz' 'je' mean again?" Gilbert hissed over his shoulder to you. Hearing his annoying voice made you want to flip a desk.
"It means 'I', idiot." you say back, causing his whole head to turn.
It seemed like he noticed your change in attitude towards him.
"Your not usually this mad at me.." he said, before you raised your hand to stop him.
"Glad you got the idea flake-head."
"Flake head?"
You laughed.
"Like the white flakes you get in your hair. Your whole head is white."
This turned the Prussian off.
"Zat isn't a good joke (Name)." he stated. "And 'Zank you for ze answer."
He turned back again grumbling to himself.
"I'd like to be you for a day." he mumbled, without you hearing. "I'd like to know why you hate me so much."
What neither of you knew, was Lukas was hearing everything, humming and smiling to himself. He had some plans with Arthur and Vladamir that night.


     "(Name), ve' need to talk!"
You heard his voice, but decided not to answer, instead closing your locker and stepping away.
You felt his hand grab your arm, and with that you turned and hit his face with your bag, making his stumble back a little.
"Vat' vas zat for?!" he shouted, wishing he could hit you back, but of course, he'd never hit a pretty girl like you.
"I just hate you! You stupid red eyed freak!"
"You racist ass!" he shouted as you walked away. "How dare you talk to the awesome Gilbert that way?!"
"Because the 'Awesome' Prussia isn't awesome without THIS." you pulled out his first football medal from this school. It was the medal he left in French class, so you took it. For him: it was the symbol of his 'awesome-ness' or so he put it.
"No 'zat is mine!' He began to chase you for it, but once you ran into the girls washroom, it fell silent.
You glanced at the medal you had, shiney and new. From just last week actually, the football team gave it to him for being a good sport.
You were sick of all his popularity. Jealous even, but you still hated him.
"Next time (Name)!" he shouted, then you heard his footsteps leading away.
After a few minutes, you crept out of the washroom, and fled home before anyone saw you.

         Plopping into bed, you glanced over at Gilbert's medal again. You decided you were going to keep it for a little longer. Closing you eyes, you slowly fell into a deep sleep, along with the Prussian man a few blocks away.


       "Mmmmm OW." you groaned, sitting up in your bed. Opening your eyes, you noticed you were in a darker room than yours. Truth  be wasn't even your room.
"Mom?!" you shouted, but no reply came back.
Sitting up, you tried to adjust your shirt to find chest. Well at least no breasts. Thinking it was a dream, you sighed and walked over to the mirror and rubbed your eyes. Once you looked at youself, you couldn't help but scream.
For it wasn't you in the was Gilbert.


      "(Name)! Wake up!"
"Shut up woman!" the Prussian shouted, pulling a pillow over his head.
"Young lady wake up before I flip your bed!"
With that, Gilbert got up.
"Yes Ma'am."
He walked across the room before actually noticing. It wasn't his room..
(Name)?.. he thought, before shrieking.
He didn't look like him..he looked like (name)!


        The rest of the morning was terrifying. You were constantly-or should I say Gilbert-hassled by crowds of kids, talking about random things and getting in your way. It got annoying to you really fast.
"I need some space!" you shouted, trying to push everyone away.
"Awww Gilbert had a bad day?" you heard Rosalita walking over and wrapping her stick arms around your waist.
"Uhhh.." you had no idea how to react.
"What's wrong? You don't seem like you.." she replied, leaning forward to plant one on your cheek.
"NO go away!" You screamed, racing down the hall like a mad man. Rosalita put her hands on her hips while (Name)-or should I say Gilbert-walked by.
"Hey gorgeous." she winked, before the man inside realized what he'd done. "Nevermind! Where's (Na)-Gilbert?!"
"Why should we tell you?" Rosalita asked, laughing, before smacking (Name) hard across the face.
"Don't touch my man!"
With that (Name) rose up again, before getting knocked over by another girl.
"Ugly girl!"
Rosalita smirked.
"Your no good for Gilbert, why would he ever talk to you?" she laughed.
Of course Gilbert on the inside, felt awful for how the real (Name) must have felt.
(Name), stood up again, and made her way far from the rest of the people.
"Gilbert Gilbert!" she-he-called.
Oh good greacious where is my body?! he wondered.
"Ahhh my body!"
Suddenly there was a crash, and both bodies ran into eachother, and landed on the floor.
The two of you glaned at eachother, actually seeing that they actually looked like..not just through their eyes.
"We need to switch back.." You-in Gilberts body-repled, before looking up to see a large crowd coming down the hall.
"Better yet.."
(name) looked up, to see you smirking.
"We need Lukas!"


   "NOT HERE?!"
"Sorry dear.."
"I'm not a-nevermind."
You-being Gilbert-had to convince yourself to 'act' out to get into the magic club.
"(Name)-I mean Gilbert, they're not here." she sighed, putting her hands on her hips.
"That sucks." you replied, scratching your head.
"I should have got my medal while I was at your house." (Name) replied. "I hate being you!"
You frowned and crossed your arms.
"I hate being you too!"
You laughed, as you watched yourself turn red and have a mini-temper tantrum.
"Can I punch something?" (Name) asked.
"No!" you snapped. "Don't hurt my body!"


  "Theres my medal!" (Name) cried, stumbling into your bedroom and grabbing the medal.
"Hey I stole that!" you shouted, grabbing it right after her.
"Stop (name) I mean..Gilbert it's mine!"
"Let go!"
While you two were fighting, the string around the medal began to rip..and then snapped, sending you flying onto your bed, with (name) on top of you. Now to any person seeing this, would see a young (h/c) haired girl on top of a white haired boy. But it was even more awkward..becuase they weren't themselves...literally.
"Get off my body! Wait.." you were starting to get confused yourself. "You get off of me!"
(Name) hopped off, and crossed her arms.
"How do we switch back now?" You asked, staring at Gilbert's medal.
You glanced at the medal, before it began to glow..but not just an ordinary glow.
"Do you really hate me (name)?" you looked up to see yourself-well technically Gilbert-with a pouty face.
"No.." you admit. "I don't. I'm just angry at how 'great' you are."
You watched yourself grin and sit with you on the bed.
"I'm sorry. Maybe I should talk to your more..not just in French class.."
As you began to talk..the medal began to glow even more..brighter..
"(Name) look!" the body in front of you cired, as light streamed throughout the entire room.
"Hey wait.."
Instantly you looked up to see..Gilbert? Wait..
You weren't Gilbert anymore!
"(Name)!" the real Gilbert cried. "We're back!"
You smiled, and without thinking jumped on him, pulling him into a hug in the process.
"Here's your medal.." you looked down at it before frowning.
You heard a chuckle.
Suddenly, warm lips pressed onto yours. Stunned, you pulled back, and wiped your mouth.
"Gilbert!" you cried. "Rosalita-"
"Vas never my first choice." he laughed.
Frowning, you smacked him upside the head, causing him to wince and cuss.
"Vuat was zat'-"
"Don't even go there..and say you liked me all this time.."
You laughed again and pulled you into his lap.
"No (Name)..actually I practically used her to gain friends."
Even though it also sounded still smiled and pulled him into another hug.

      Moments after you and Gilbert's reunion, you mom made her way up the stairs and was about to knock on the door and tell you supper was ready..when she saw you sitting on this random boy's lap, nearly sucking eachothers faces off..

      Of were grounded for a day and a half..and Gilbert was sent home. But everything turned out for the better, and it was good for the both of you.


       Your head perked up, and he entered the cafeteria. 'He', being your new boyfriend, named Gilbert Beilschmidt. He wasn't new any more, but he was still friends with everyone. And yes, of course, you.
Happily..Lukas and Emil got more popular..once everyone realized how sexy their accents were. And Gilbert took his seat next to you, pressing his lips to your cheek for a brief moment before eating.
Although most days at lunch happened the same way, you couldn't have found it better, than being happy, with the one you loved.
:iconkrazygirlz2: requested a body switch with the awesome Prussia here >: D Hope it meets to your standards!

**And sorry it took so long** (No hate towards the name Rosalita btw!)

I'm not all that good with the 'accents' so forgive's rusty ;) and it gets awful, it was hard to write..

The end gets crappy..and cliche..and all that jazz..don't mind it (or try not to) ^^
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