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AustriaxReader: Play the High Notes

      Roderich Edelstein; was so great when it came to music, so when you were asked by your mom`s friend (_insert name_) to sing at her wedding, you wanted to me sure you had the right voice. The only person you knew would understand you better was Roderich anyway, because he listened to you without a fuss. You thought he was such a sweetheart, and played the piano so well. He seemed every way that it kind of annoyed you, yet he was just a person. A country too, Austria, which made him seem even more special than he already was. Everything about him was floating around in your mind, as you made your way to his house. You head hear the faint sound of a piano being played, and thought of him again.
`I hope I sound good` you thought. There was no total doubt though, if you were asked to sing, that must`ve ment you have some talent. You lightly tapped on the door, hoping not to disturb him, yet get his attention at the same time. The piano stopped. Footsteps could he heard, then the door swung open, revealing Roderich and all his glory.
`Hello (your name).` he greeted, ushering you inside to the music room. `How are you?`
`I`m doing great Roderich.` you smiled, smelling the slight smell of pumpkin. `How are you?`
`Simple, good, as always.` he said, seating himself down on his gorgeous polished piano. There was not a scratch on it. It was perfect.
`So.` Roderich broke the small silence, and leaned closer to you. `Sing for me.`
You tried not to blush. You felt in-a-sence, cornered.
`Sing..what?` you beamed, hoping to break the tension.
`Anything. Anything at all.` he said, turning to face the piano. `I`ll try and play along.`
You sighed a little, glad he wasn`t staring at you anymore. You began to hum a beat.
`I cannot hear you (your name) sing louder.` he said, sounding a little irratated.
You burst into a chorus.

    I`m missing you so much, can`t help it I`m in love!
    A day without you is like a year without rain!
    I need you by my side, don`t know how I`ll survive!
    A day without you is like a year without raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!

You finished, by taking a light breath. You looked up to see Roderich staring at you again, his eyes focused on yours. You turned away blushing.
`Was I..bad?` you didn`t want to look him in the eyes.
You then felt a warm hand on your shoulder. Roderich was still looking at you.
`You were lovely, (your name).`
You looked back into his lovely eyes, and smiled. Without thinking you pulled him into a tight hug.
`Thank goodness! I would die if I sounded awful!`
`I`m glad you don`t sound awful either.` he said, brushing the hair out of your eyes. With than, he gave you a quick kiss. It was so powerful, yet sadening, because it only lasted for a few short moments.
`I wouldn`t be able to play if you did.`
You giggeled.
`Did what? Sound bad or if I died?`
He then got up and went back to the piano.
`Both!` he shouted, in a somewhat happy and playing tone, making you laugh again, and fall onto the couch.
He then began to play a song you weren`t fermiliar with. It still sounded lovely. You sat up and watched him. He moved his fingers to nicely, and seemed to flow. You walked next to him, and sing random words to the slow beat of the song. He smiled, and gave you a quick kiss.
`Play the high notes.` you said.
`Why?` he asked, stopping altogether.
`Just do it.`
He did as you asked, and began to play from the left of the paino, in such a way sounded so nice. You began to sing again, matching random words with the beat, singing as high as your voice could take it. Roderich began to humm lightly, just perfectly making you two sound beautiful. As he ended the song he took your hand.
`You play them perfectly dear.` he whispered into your ear, sending shivers up your spine.
`I hope so. I want you to play piano at the wedding while I sing.` you said, squeezing his hand.
He gave it a moment of thought, then nodded.
`Alright (your name).` he said. `Now then! You must go practice!` he followed you to the door, and gave him one last kiss. As you walked home, you sang the words you randomly sang when you were with him. I guess talent comes naturally..and so does love.
5 now...whoo! :dummy: I`m on a roll!! :)

man (reader)! you a got a good voice ;)

I thought I`d put a preview pic on this one bc Austria is so pwetty *o*

Austria(Roderich):Hidekaz Himaruya
Image: not mine! from google
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