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"Does everyone in america have a gun?"

Alfred F. Jones: also known as America, turned to see his friend (your name), surfing the internet, a keen look in her eyes as she scanned each word on the depicted site she was on.

"Whaa-dude what you readin'?" Alfred just chuckled, hoping she would ignore not getting an answer.

Well that sure wasn't gunna happen.

"Does everyone in america have a gun?" she asked again, earing only a yawn and a stretch from Alfred.

"No (your name), not EVERYONE in america has a gun."

"Okay.." she mumbled, and continued to search on the same sight. A few moments later, while Alfred was chowing down on a tastely hamburger, (your name)'s voice rang through his ears before he could even taste the meat or lettuce.

"What now dude?" he asked, hoping she'd be quick so he could get on with his meal.

"Is it ture that everyone in America eats Macdonald's on an everyday basis?"

Alfred had to think for a moment.

"Nope, dude...why you-"

"Are american people always racist?"

Alfred grumbled at that one.

"No way dude!"

"Do all american's belive in aliens and ghosts?"

"But dude Alien's ARE real!"

"I rest my case.." Alfred could hear (your name) mumble from the other room. To him, it was high time she was paid back for all the questions she'd asked him.

So, he set down his burger (MIRACLOUSLY) and made his way behind (your name), poking her sides and making her giggle.

"Now..I wanna ask you some questions dude." he said, placing his neck on her shoulder. She blushed a little but nodded.

He glanced at the sight she was on while asked her questions. He'd start slow.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No." she answered plainly.

He finally saw she was looking up 'american stereotypes'.

"Do you like boys with...funny personalities?"

"Yes, Alfred." she laughed, thinking nothing was wrong.

"Would you do what I said if I was serious about you?"

(your name) turned her head to see Alfred looking at her..quite...seriously.

"Uhh..Alfred is this-"

"What if I said "You.Me.Bed.Now"?"

(Your name) blushed deeply, just as Alfred scooped her up easily, and raced upstairs. He felt (your name) began to heat up and blew cool air onto her face, making her laugh and wipe her face.

"Your so cute (your name)." he smiled.

Her face brightened up like a summer's day.


Alfred nodded, before entering his bedroom and throwing her gently onto the bed without a care. With that he thre threw off his jacket and shirt, making (your name) want to drool all over the place.

"Alfred are you being serious about this?"

He set her on the bed and locked the door, before crawling on top of her and grinning madly.

"Hell yeah!"
haha..I know some of you saw this coming...

British Stereotypes: [link]
German Stereotypes: [link]
Canadian Stereotypes: [link]
Russian Stereotypes: [link]
Italian Stereotypes: [link]
French Stereotypes: [link]
Norwegian Stereotypes: [link]
Scottish Stereotypes: [link]
Japanese Stereotypes: [link]
Chinese Stereotypes: [link]
Icelandic Stereotypes: [link]

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