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It rained a lot that day.

The clouds moved fast and the wind picked up, blowing the autumn leaves from the dying branches and falling to the ground without a sound. There was no one on the street at this time. (Name) walked at a steady pace down the alley, humming the same chorus over and over. Nothing had changed over the past year, nothing made her upset or drastically angry. She were content. But not for long.

Something was amiss. (Name) could feel the lump in her throat grow bigger with every small note she sang until she chocked on her own spit.

Her pace slowed, almost to a halt as she checked her phone for the time. 11 : 30.
Not too bad, she'd be home soon. Her family knew it was common for her to take night walks, but ever since the tv's notifications on ghouls she barely got a chance out the door past 8.

Not only that, but a young man she had been looking for at school was gone. Just. Gone. But where? If only she had known.

Hands in her pockets, she strode down the sidwalk in the direction of her house. The loud snapping of branches were heard in the distance, though it did not frighten her.


A voice spoken rather softly, made her jump, ironically. She cocked her head to find a boy huddled against a wall, hands across her head concealing his face. She was curious. Was this boy homeless?

"Excuse me?" she asked, taking a step towards the boy before he jumped from his spot.

"Don't come n-near me!" he said, hands shaking fiercely. She didn't stop. She made her way closer.

"I said don't!--"

Her hand touched his, cold as ice. She looked up into the eyes of the boy, and her mouth opened.


There was a frozen silence that sliced through both parties. This Kaneki was special to her, for reasons she didn't understand. She first spoke to him during class, asking for a pencil. He was shy, smart, sweet, and her heart told her things her brain couldn't comprehend. It wasn't love, but something close?

"Kaneki Ken?" she questioned, though she knew perfectly well who it was.

"aren't you, uh.."

"I'm (name)."

"please.." he pushed her away, though not even forceful enough to stop a small child. She just looked at him with soft eyes. Why was he here? "go away.."

The stars twinkled above them.

"no, Kaneki." she said taking his hand.

This fate, as most would call it, seemed strange. (Name) knew there was something wrong about it. She didn't care.

"n-no s-stop. no no--"

She smiled at him, her eyes brightened into a void Kaneki had never seen before. He stopped his yammering and got up with her.

They said nothing, though both knew this meeting would bring some sort of change to their lives. It was still uknown wheather good or bad.
kaneki x reader ~ alleviate
*note that this kaneki is chapter 1 kaneki/season 1 kaneki. not shiro!kaneki or haise sasaki. ok. ok. (030)

and to be quite honest what even is this? short and sweet? sweet and sour? tangy and sweet?
"Hey _______"..?

"Mmmmmm." you mumbled chewing on your bubble gum.

"It's been too long..."

"huh?" you asked looking up at your boyfriend, Feliciano. "Too long for what?"

"It's been too long since we made-a love! Let's go!"

With that he flipped you over his shoulder, surprisingly he could, and raced off towards your house.

To you it didn't matter, but for him.........

fifteen minutes was a long time for that Italian man to bare.
ItalyxReader: Too long
And it's been almost a year since I made

I do want to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments (I read a lot of them) and
support you've given me over these few years.
I'm a terrible jerk since I promised to many of you quickies and fics and prizes and stories,
but I'm not sure I'll be able to finish. I'm sort of..retireing? Perhaps.

love you all~~<3
 italy (the character) belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.
(this fic was quick just to get this message out lol)
my laptop is running into technical difficulties....damn..

I'm trying to write stuff while it's working, but I can't access the internet most of the time to post :P

I'm working on it! Thanks for being so patient everyone it means so much ~ <3

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